Johnny Bananas fires back at The Challenge: USA’s Tyson Apostol

johnny bananas during war of the worlds 2 season of the challenge
Johnny Bananas replied to Survivor’s Tyson Apostol and his claims about The Challenge. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

The Challenge legend Johnny Bananas recently reacted to tweets from The Challenge: USA star Tyson Apostol, who made serious claims about his abilities in the competition series.

Tyson, a winner during CBS’ Survivor, currently appears on a CBS spinoff version of the popular MTV show. Throughout the show’s episodes, he’s displayed that he has a solid grasp of the game.

It’s led to him suggesting he would fare well against some of the MTV competition series’ all-time greats, which got Bananas firing back on Twitter.

Bananas, who won on seven seasons of the MTV show, first responded to a fans’ tweet commenting about The Challenge: USA spinoff.

“@johnnybananas I just discovered The Challenge: USA and got excited.. then realized .. a whole new cast and felt immediately deflated… what’s the challenge without Bananas?” an individual asked in their tweet.

“Not a Challenge ?,” Bananas replied in his retweet on August 17.

johnny bananas replies to fan about the challenge usa
Pic credit: @johnnybananas/Twitter

Bananas fires back at Tyson Apostol

As CBS’ The Challenge: USA episodes started airing, viewers saw that Tyson Apostol was among the early favorites to win the spinoff show. The former Survivor winner showed early dominance, achieving victories in the season’s first two daily challenges.

With each win, he added $5,000 to his personal bank account. A stipulation at the start of the show from host TJ Lavin was that competitors would qualify to run his final at the end of the season by having $5,000 in their accounts.

Tyson’s consecutive victories created some online chatter as fans started to discuss how he might fare against some of The Challenge’s OG competitors. That prompted him to tweet about it, indicating he could outdo those legends.

“To those comparing me to those on the ‘OG’ challenge… A lot of them can bench press more than me but 70-80 even 90% of the game I have them crushed. Talking cake walk,” Tyson tweeted on July 22.

On Thursday, Bananas responded in a retweet, telling Tyson, “This tweet is gonna age about as well as you ?‍?.”

johnny bananas retweet tyson apostol comments the challenge
Pic credit: @johnnybananas/Twitter

It didn’t stop with that tweet, as Tyson replied in the comments section, telling Bananas he aged “Like a fine wine.”

“More like a box of wine after a game of slap the bag ??,” Bananas fired back with another retweet.

johnny bananas responds to tyson apostol tweet about wine
Pic credit: @johnnybananas/Twitter

Tyson appears on Johnny Bananas’ podcast

The tweets above appeared to be some friendly fire amongst the two reality TV icons on social media. They ultimately got together for an episode of Johnny Bananas’ podcast, Death, Taxes, and Bananas.

Bananas tweeted a video clip of his interview with Tyson on August 19, which included him giving the Survivor star a proper intro.

He referred to him as Tyson “Twitter Fingers” Apostol and asked if he’d tracked down who had hacked into his social media to fire off such “incendiary” messages.

Tyson joked that he had various organizations investigating the matter, including the FBI, CIA, and even some foreign agencies.

Bananas also joked that it had to have been Tyson’s Challenge: USA castmate Enzo Palumbo, who hacked his Twitter and posted the bold statements. Tyson agreed because Enzo is “most known for talking.”

“He’s trying to get you whacked, bro. It’s not cool,” Bananas told him.

Fans of The Challenge can hear more of the banter between reality TV icons Johnny Bananas and Tyson Apostol at Spotify’s The Ringer, home of Death, Taxes, and Bananas.

The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS. The Challenge Season 38 is TBA for MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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