John Hersey posts a sweet message on his one-year anniversary of meeting Katie Thurston

John Hersey & Katie Thurston
John Hersey posts a sweet message to his girlfriend, Katie Thurston. Pic credit: ABC

John Hersey was eliminated in week 2 of Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette back in 2021, which is why fans were shocked when it was John who Katie reconciled with.

While Katie chose Blake Moynes in the end, after he showed up later in her season, their relationship and engagement ultimately didn’t work out.

Shortly after Blake and Katie told fans that their relationship was over, it was released that Katie was dating John. At first, it was stated that they were just good friends, but in November of 2021, they announced their relationship as more than just friendship.

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Even though John was sent home in week 2, he still has strong feelings about when he and Katie met.

What did John Hersey have to say about Katie Thurston on his Instagram page?

In fact, John took to his Instagram page to post a picture of him with Katie receiving the only rose he got from her on The Bachelorette, with a longer caption about his feelings for her.

He wrote, “It is mind boggling to think that it has been exactly 1 year since this evening. Contrary to what @thekatiethurston says, I’d absolutely have believed I could be right here in this moment. Thank you to all of you who have joined me in this journey this past year. I am so grateful to have been surrounded by such a supportive and positive community. With so many adventures on the horizon, I can’t wait to bring you all along!”

John also talked about how excited he will always be that he received a red rose from Katie and that he will remember that moment with her always.

He also posted to his Instagram story to reminisce about memorable moments from the show including him getting out of the limo night one to meet Katie and forgetting to tell Katie his name. He wrote about being nervous that he’d trip and fall on the steps, and he remembered looking back to look at Katie one more time before going inside with the other contestants.

What have Katie and John gone through to be together?

Katie has been accused of using Blake Moynes, as well as cheating on Blake with John, but she clapped back at both allegations. While there has been some controversy between Blake Moynes and John Hersey, it does seem that Katie and John are extremely happy together now.

Katie and John are currently living in San Diego with their pets, and Bachelor Nation alums and fans are wondering if they will be the next couple to get engaged.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.

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