John David Duggar announces courtship ahead of Counting On Season 8

John David Duggar pictured in a Counting On screenshot
John David Duggar has exciting news about his future

John David Duggar has exciting news for Counting On fans. It was revealed today that second-oldest of the Duggar children is finally courting.

The announcement came by way of the official Duggar family blog. Rumors have been making their rounds for years about a potential wife for John David, but until now, nothing was confirmed.

As the oldest unmarried Duggar son, there has been a lot of pressure for John David to find a wife and begin a family of his own. His twin sister, Jana has also felt the pressures to marry, though things for her have been much more intense.

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Abbie Grace Burnett is the lucky woman who landed John David Duggar’s heart. The two have reportedly known one another for several years by name but didn’t meet until a church event in Oklahoma brought the two together.

They have confirmed they are in love, and if the short courtships recently are any indication, the couple should move to engagement in the coming months. John David Duggar is 28 and Abbie Grace Burnett is 26.

Counting On will return on July 30 and given that the announcement of John David’s courtship came just ahead of that, speculation is that fans may get to see a little bit of their relationship on the show. With the upcoming wedding of Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson happening soon, another courtship is very good news for the family and for fans who want the show to remain on the air.

Counting On returns on Monday, July 30 at 9/8c on TLC. 

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