Joey Graziadei feels ‘crushed’ after surprise self-elimination as The Bachelor hit Montreal

Joey Graziadei on The Bachelor
The Bachelor’s latest break up has Joey in his feelings. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor headed to Montreal for Episode 6 of Joey Graziadei’s season.

It was a fun episode where he enjoyed a scavenger hunt group date with eight of the ladies as well as two fun one-on-ones.

He got a chance to do a lot of bonding with the remaining ten women before saying goodbye to even more of them as he moves closer to choosing his person.

This week, Bachelor Nation rejoiced as he got rid of two of The Bachelor viewers’ least favorite women.

Joey sent Jess home mid-episode, and right as the group date ended after, she awkwardly confessed that she was falling for him.

Then, he chose not to give Lea Cayanan a rose during the rose ceremony, hopefully ending the constant attacks on Maria.

But it was Lexi Young’s exit that affected Joey the most, and it was one he clearly didn’t see coming.

Joey admits that Lexi’s decision to leave left him ‘crushed’

While chatting alone during the group date, Lexi asked Joey about his relationship timeline, and when he told her he wanted to be engaged for “two to three years” and then wait after getting married to have kids so he could enjoy time with his wife, she knew that wasn’t going to work for her.

She didn’t let him down yet though, instead taking time to process it all and come to terms with her decision to leave.

When she did go, she went to Joey’s hotel room to let him know she was on her way out and to explain why — their relationship timelines just didn’t match up.

And no matter how much Joey might want to adjust to keep her around, Lexi is ready to start working toward kids now due to her endometriosis and the increased difficulty she could have getting pregnant if she waits.

While Joey understood all of that, he was still clearly heartbroken to hear it as he thought he had more time to get to know Lexi before making a decision about his person.

And even though he admitted earlier in the episode that he was having a hard time expressing his emotions, he was able to clearly convey exactly how he was feeling as Lexi said goodbye.

“I hate this,” Joey said. “This isn’t what I had in my head.”

In a confessional style interview, Joey then admitted to the cameras, “I feel crushed.”

The Bachelor viewers were also crushed by Lexi’s exit

Joey wasn’t the only one who was sad to see Lexi go.

After she opted to leave Montreal and head back home, The Bachelor fans flocked to social media to say their own goodbyes.

One viewer took to X (formerly Twitter) to wish her well. They wrote, “I seriously hope Lexi finds someone amazing. She deserves it. The fact that her friends in the house were Maria and Daisy just shows it.”

Another was impressed that Lexi went home instead of asking Joey to change his plans. They wrote, “Mad respect for Lexi for not wanting Joey to have to change his timeline and sending herself home.”

Yet another praised Joey, writing, “Wiping Lexi’s tear off her face while she breaks up with him… yeah I think Joey was written by a woman.”

Hopefully, this isn’t the last we see of Lexi Young in Bachelor Nation.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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