Joe Gorga sets record straight, calls out ‘violent’ Jennifer Aydin for BravoCon 2022 drama

RHONJ stars Joe Gorga and Jennifer Aydin.
Joe Gorga called out his RHONJ co-star Jennifer Aydin for her BravoCon 2022 behavior. Pic credit: © Fotos/AdMedia, Curtis Means/Acepixs

BravoCon 2022 may be over, but that doesn’t mean The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Gorga is over the drama that unfolded between himself, his wife Melissa Gorga, and their co-star Jennifer Aydin.

It came as no surprise to RHONJ fans that there was tension between the co-stars — especially considering how often Jennifer inserts herself into the Gorgas’ drama with OG star and Joe’s sister, Teresa Giudice.

Jennifer has been on team Teresa from the beginning and has always gone to bat for her friend, even when Joe and Melissa have told her to back off.

The tension erupted during BravoCon 2022 when a confrontation broke out between Joe, Melissa, and Jennifer.

Initial reports claimed Joe and Melissa walked past Jennifer, who was on her way back to the hotel room she was sharing with her husband, Bill Aydin. As she walked by, Melissa allegedly called Jennifer a “loser.”

Quick as always with her retort, Jennifer claimed she responded, “Don’t start none, won’t be none,” which was enough to get Joe involved.

Now, Joe has weighed in with his version of what went down between the co-stars, and he didn’t hold back in calling out Jennifer’s “violent” drinking habits.

Joe Gorga sets the record straight, slams RHONJ co-star Jennifer Aydin’s version of events

While appearing on the Chicks in the Office podcast with his friend and castmate Frank Catania, Joe opened up about his version of the drama that unfolded with Jennifer at BravoCon 2022.

“What happened was, everything you heard was a lie…What’s crazy is there was a video and whatever you heard Jennifer’s assistant say, it was all lies,” Joe began.

Joe continued to explain that unlike the stories released before, Jennifer wasn’t throwing her drink at him. Instead, he claims Jennifer threw the drink at Melissa’s assistant Tom after he insulted her furniture.

“Tom insulted her saying, ‘That’s why your furniture sucks,’ or it was ugly or something like that,” he added.

According to Joe, the situation wouldn’t have gotten so out of hand if Jennifer could keep her composure. He admitted that Melissa said something to Jennifer, but maintained that if the two women had simply continued to hurl insults at one another and Jennifer would have gotten in the elevator, the entire ordeal could have been prevented.

But as Joe pointed out, “Jennifer’s not like that.”

Joe calls out Jennifer’s ‘violent’ drinking behavior

Joe continued to explain how Jennifer’s behavior escalated the situation beyond where it needed to go, and he blamed much of it on her drinking.

“Through the years, she drinks a lot,” Joe claimed. “She’s violent. She throws things. She breaks glasses. She wants to stab you with it. She throws knives. I mean, this is who she is. She’s crazy.”

Despite his disdain for Jennifer’s behavior, Joe further admitted that he played a part in the drama by yelling at her when she refused to back down from Melissa’s initial insult. But Joe shared he didn’t believe that was any excuse.

“She was out of control…It was embarrassing,” he stated.

Joe also confessed that Jennifer rubs him the wrong way because she’s continuously putting her nose in his family’s drama. He shared that it “one hundred percent” upset him that Jennifer was constantly picking “teams” in their family issues, but accused the mom of five of using the Gorga-Giudice family rifts to further her own RHONJ storylines.

Fans and viewers will have to stay tuned for all the drama when the new season airs.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently on hiatus.

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Angela Sadowski
Angela Sadowski
1 year ago

Jennifer is a disturbed individual and is in need of some serious psychiatric help!