Joan Vassos speaks out after self-elimination on The Golden Bachelor

Joan Vassos on The Golden Bachelor
Joan Vassos opened up about her journey on The Golden Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

The latest episode of The Golden Bachelor was a rollercoaster of emotions for Gerry Turner and the viewers, who are still tuning in in record numbers.

It started on a low note, with Joan Vassos meeting Gerry in front of the mansion to drop a bomb on him.

When Gerry pulled up to the mansion, he looked elated to see Joan. The Golden Bachelor lead had an extra pep in his step after their amazing one-on-one date the night before.

But she quickly burst his bubble, revealing that she had to go home and tend to her adult daughter, who had just given birth and was dealing with complications.

Gerry was incredibly understanding but also disappointed since Joan was a frontrunner, and their chemistry was so intense that she likely could have won the season.

Now that her last episode has aired, Joan spoke out about the experience and her own hopes for the future after that very difficult goodbye.

Joan Vassos talks about The Golden Bachelor detour

Joan was clearly as disappointed about leaving The Golden Bachelor as Gerry was to see her go. She admitted on the show that this was the first time she really connected with a man since her husband died.

After the episode aired, she took to Instagram to share more and hinted at her future.

“My journey to find love took a detour this week as I traded the mansion for motherhood and headed home to be with my family,” Joan wrote. “Family comes first, period. Once a mother, always a mother, I’ll always choose my kids first.”

She continued, “Thank you for all of your outpouring love and support, for not only me but also my daughter – everyone is now healthy and happy! As for me and my journey to love… guess we will have to see where it takes me next. Until then, stay golden.”

It’s a safe bet that Joan has plenty of suitors after seeing her shine on the dating show.

Now there are nine women left on The Golden Bachelor

In addition to Joan going home on the third episode, two other women were also sent home.

At the rose ceremony, where the women are still standing by the way, Gerry handed out nine roses, leaving two women without.

Those two women were Edith and Christina, which comes as no surprise. They both have been getting very little screentime, they are not standing out to Gerry, who was not taking them on one-on-one dates, and despite both being stellar women, they just weren’t standing out as the one to steal the heart of our beloved Golden Bachelor.

The Golden Bachelor airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on TLC.

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9 months ago

Love, love, love watching the Golden bachelor! Can’t wait for Thursday….it’s coming back on! Then bip!

Diane Moody
Diane Moody
9 months ago

I’m going to be so disappointed if this turns out to be the same deal as farmer needs a wife when the girl leaves because the death of her grandfather and then she comes back at the end to win the farmer