Jinger Duggar pregnancy: When is her due date?

Jinger Duggar pregnant
Jinger Duggar, who is approaching her due date, and Jeremy Vuolo. Pic credit: @jingervuolo/Instagram

Jinger Duggar’s pregnancy has been relatively uneventful for fans so far — but the excitement is ramping up!

While she has been sharing updates, they have been nothing like what viewers have seen previously from her older sisters Jessa and Jill.

It was revealed earlier this year that Jinger Duggar would be welcoming a little girl. This is exciting news because the last several Duggar grandbabies have been little boys.

Last week, Jinger Duggar shared a pregnancy update that indicated she was 31 weeks into her journey. There are nine weeks left before she welcomes her little girl.

While Jinger Duggar has not publicly announced her actual due date, it appears to be around July 20. There are variables to consider as well. Duggar could go over her due date or she could go into labor earlier.

The hype surrounding Jinger Duggar’s pregnancy is rapidly increasing. Fans waited forever for her to announce she was expecting her first child. All of her sisters got pregnant almost immediately following their weddings, but Jinger and Jeremy waited almost a full year after they tied the knot.

There has been some speculation about where Jinger Duggar will have her baby. She currently resides in Laredo, Texas with her husband. It is likely she will deliver there, but specifics have not been announced.

Home births are a thing for the Duggar women, but Jill has had two c-sections already. Jinger could opt to have her daughter at a hospital and possibly plan for her family to be around when she welcomes her little girl.

In nine weeks or so (at the time of writing), Jinger Duggar will become a first-time mom. She has had plenty of practice with all of her siblings and their children so there is no doubt that she will be a pro at this point.

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