Jinger Duggar details ‘getting away’ in 2015 when Josh Duggar’s molestation scandal made headlines

Jinger Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Jinger Duggar gets raw in her new book. Pic credit: TLC

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo co-wrote a book together, and it was released yesterday after weeks of promotion from the reality TV stars.

They teased what the chapters would reveal, including the discussion about Josh Duggar’s back-to-back scandals in 2015 that rocked the family to their core. Jinger was one of his victims, and nearly a decade after it happened, it was being played out in headlines all over.

In her truth, Jinger Duggar walks readers through the tough time in her life, describing how things happened and what the family did during that time.

What did Jinger Duggar write about the 2015 molestation revelation?

While not as in-depth as some had expected, Jinger Duggar did a good job describing how she felt in the moment when her life was turned upside down as the police report from when Josh Duggar molested five underage girls emerged, one of them being her.

She wrote, “Earlier that day, Dad had gathered my siblings and me to tell us that the worst trial in our family history, a trial we had long since dealt with and made our peace with, was now public knowledge.”

The Counting On star described how she was feeling, saying, “I felt shell-shocked, as if a bomb had exploded.”

As everything unfolded, Jinger talked about how her parents instructed her and her siblings what to pack and then left in the middle of the night to get away from the explosion of interest over what had been released. She wrote, “We were getting away for a few days until this all died down, they said.”

What are Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo doing now?

Yesterday, the couple celebrate the release by sharing photos of their book, doing an Instagram live, and sharing some of the reviews they got from friends and family.

Both released a statement on Josh Duggar’s recent arrest related to child pornography charges. Since then, neither has commented about what is happening within the family, and they are continuing with the life they have worked hard to build.

As their brand continues to be recognized, there is speculation they want to break free from the Duggar brand. It has caused Jinger Duggar to lose partnerships in the past, and with the rebranding they did for The Hope We Hold, that is likely their top priority moving forward.

Counting On is currently on hiatus.

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