Jinger Duggar bares shoulders as she shows off spaghetti-strap bridesmaid dress

Jinger Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Jinger Duggar showed off her bridesmaid dress again. Pic credit: TLC

Jinger Duggar is one of the most daring Duggar siblings regarding what she wears.

From frayed jean shorts to a shoulder-baring spaghetti-strap dress, she constantly blurs the lines of her family’s strict dress code.

Since marrying Jeremy Vuolo in 2016, Jinger has pushed the limits. She was the first to wear pants, spend $300 on a blazer at a Rodeo Drive shop, and donned shorts since moving to California. However, it is the bridesmaid dress from earlier this year that has fans still talking.

Jinger Duggar reshares bridesmaid photo from friend’s wedding

Earlier this year, Jinger Duggar stood up in her friend’s wedding. She shared photos from the bridal shower the week before she witnessed her friend tie the knot.

The dress Jinger wore was cream-colored and matched the other dresses. A spaghetti-strap dress showed off her bare shoulders, and more skin than any of the Duggar daughters do.

However, it was still modest. Jeremy Vuolo snapped a selfie with Jinger while attending the wedding, which caused quite a stir among followers. This dress has quickly become one of the most talked-about garments worn by Jinger.

On her Instagram story recently, Jinger showed off a group shot of her standing with the other bridesmaids as they surrounded the bride. They looked beautiful, and the reality TV star showed how far she’s come since she left the family home and built her own life with Jeremy.

Other eye-popping Jinger Duggar outfits

Even more recently, Jinger Duggar shared a photo of herself and Jeremy Vuolo shopping. She was wearing frayed cut-off jean shorts and a fitted white t-shirt. The two were dressed casually, but this was one of the first if not the first, times Jinger was spotted in public wearing shorts. She had been photographed by Jeremy in their yard wearing shorts while building a swing set, but that was a few months ago.

Of course, the $300 blazer she bought on Rodeo Drive while filming Counting On made a big impact. The reactions from other Duggar family members were included, and they were shocked. Jinger and Jana Duggar were filming together, as the eldest Duggar daughter was visiting California to spend time with her sister.

Jinger Duggar is a born fashionista, and she isn’t shy about showing off her style. She has varying looks, but the spaghetti-strap bridesmaid dress was likely chosen by her friend, as it was her wedding.

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