Jillian Harris from The Bachelorette excited about baby girl, and Leo becoming a big brother

Jillian Harris Bachelorette
Jillian Harris in a still from one of her videos on YouTube

Jillian Harris has announced that she’s pregnant again. A few weeks ago, Jillian announced that she and fiance Justin Pasutto were expecting another baby.

She was already in her second trimester, but the couple hadn’t shared the news previously because she had been so sick throughout the first trimester. She hadn’t felt good but wanted to share the news after starting to feel better. A few weeks after the big announcement, she revealed that they were having a little girl.

This former The Bachelorette star already has a little boy named Leo. He will be two this summer, so he may look forward to having a little baby girl running around. Jillian hasn’t talked about when her due date is but given when she announced her pregnancy, fans may be able to narrow it down to a few weeks.

It also seems like her husband is excited about having a baby girl, as Leo has been such an easy and adorable baby boy. Plus, with their rescue dog Nacho, it seems like a baby girl can complete the family.

These days, Jillian Harris has returned to work, filming a new season of Love It Or List It: Vancouver.It’s possible she will take some time off to spend at home with her baby girl, as she struggled to get back to work with Leo. She told Justin that she just wanted to stay at home with Leo and be a mother. However, they were building their home at the time, and they needed the money.

What do you think about Jillian Harris having a baby girl? Are you excited to follow along with her pregnancy journey, as she gears up to become a mother for the second time?

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