Jill Duggar stepped out in form-fitting clothing, swimwear, and workout gear since walking away from Counting On

Jill Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Jill Duggar has branched out regarding her fashion choices. Pic credit: TLC

Jill Duggar has come a long way since distancing herself from her family. 

From a different perspective on beliefs to an entirely new fashion sense, the former Counting On star makes headlines for her new way of life. 

She and Derick Dillard walked away from reality TV, and since then, they have been busy building a life for themselves. They bought a house, worked through law school, and spoke about the distance between them and some of the Duggars. 

With the help of her cousin, Amy Duggar King, Jill has branched out with some new wardrobe choices. She has chronicled some of her fashion on social media, and followers forever praise her updated and hippie-ish look. 

Form-fitting red dress

Over the weekend, Jill Duggar donned a form-fitting red dress for Derick Dillard’s graduation from law school. 

It was a bold choice for her and garnered a lot of attention. Not only did it fall above the knee, but the red color was vibrant. 

Dressing up for this momentous occasion was necessary, and she knocked it out of the park with her choice. 

Workout clothes 

While there’s never been a doubt that being active is a part of Jill Duggar’s life, but seeing her wearing spandex exercise clothing was a shocker. 

Earlier this year, she shared several photos of herself in activewear that was fitted. From tops to skorts, there were several photos with Jill posing in the clothing. There were also some leggings she wore, which added to the vibe of skin-tight athletic wear. 

It was a promotion and giveaway, which certainly made a statement. 


A standard Duggar pool party would consist of all the girls dressed in a t-shirt and shorts, making sure no skin was overly exposed. 

That changed for Jill Duggar last summer when she popped up on Instagram modeling several versions of modest swimwear but showing off more than her family would have approved of. She had several variations to choose from, including a tank top and leggings to knee-length shorts and a top. 

Wearing pants 

In the Duggar world, women don’t wear pants. All of the daughters were raised to believe that only dresses and skirts provide the modesty needed not to tempt men. 

That has changed for a lot of the married Duggar sisters. Jinger Duggar kicked things off by wearing pants and jeans, and shortly after that, Jill adapted to wearing long pants. 

In 2019, she did some promotional shots for Amy Duggar King’s clothing store, and in the photos, Jill was wearing jeans and tight pleather pants. 

It was out of the norm for the former reality TV star, but it got everyone talking and interested in what Amy was up to as well. 

The evolution of Jill Duggar has been impressive. While she has been wearing pants and jeans for a while now, seeing her in pleather and more figure-hugging clothing is still a bit of a shock for fans who watched her grow up on reality TV. 

Counting On is currently on hiatus.

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