‘Jewish Barbie’: Angelina Pivarnick’s friend Lindsay tempts Ronnie on Jersey Shore Family Vacation?

Ronnie and Lindsay get to know each other on Jersey Shore Family Vacation
Ronnie can’t seem to say no when the ‘Jewish Barbie’ throws him a little attention. Pic credit: MTV

Jersey Shore Family Vacation star Ronie Ortiz-Magro can’t seem to resist a pretty woman in a hot tub. So when Angelina Pivarnick’s friend Lindsay, also known as the “Jewish Barbie” shows up and strips down to her bikini, we can’t help but wonder if Ronnie is going to cheat on Jen again.

In the latest Jersey Shore Family Vacation sneak peek, Angelina has a friend come to visit the house. Her name is Lindsay but they call her the “Jewish Barbie.”

She’s tall, brunette and clearly, she rivals Angelina in the amount of cosmetic work she’s had done. So when Lindsay strips down to her bikini and heads for the hot tub, Ronnie can’t seem to say no.

In the confessional, Angelina says that she really thought her friend might hook up with Vinny or Paulie. You know, the single members of the Jersey Shore cast. But when she starts flirting with Ronnie, everyone knows that Jen Harley is going to freak out.

Will Ronnie be able to resist the temptation of the Jewish Barbie? Based on the Jersey Shore Family Vacation sneak peek, it looks like temptation just might get him. And if it does, Jen Harley will also be coming around to get him, bet on that!

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs on Thursdays at 8/7  on MTV. 

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