Jessie Kowalski from Big Brother 15 got engaged

Jessie On BB15
Jessie Kowalski finished in 10th place on the Big Brother 15 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 15 houseguest Jessie Kowalski just got engaged to Benjamin Henderson.

For anyone who watched the BB15 cast play the game, it’s certainly noteworthy that Amanda Zuckerman was one of the first people to congratulate Jessie online.

When Jessie played Big Brother in Summer 2013, she joined the show as a 25-year-old from San Antonio, Texas. Unfortunately for her, she became a target in Week 1, and she wasn’t able to escape the spotlight as the season played out.

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Jessie finished in 10th place, but she did make it to the BB15 jury, where she got to vote for Andy Herren to become the winner.

Other notable houseguests from Big Brother 15 were GinaMarie Zimmerman, Helen Kim, and Elissa Slater.

Jessie Kowalski announces her engagement

Taking to her Instagram page, Jessie shared a series of photos from the moment she got engaged. It’s unclear if she was expecting a proposal, but she appears to be extremely happy about it in the photos.

Some more news from the Big Brother 15 cast

Big Brother 15 winner Andy Herren recently shared a scary story about being held at gunpoint. The great news is that he is physically fine, but this seems like an ordeal that could stick with him for a while.

Andy is very active on social media and has always been willing to share his thoughts and opinions on new Big Brother casts. That has included letting fans know who he thinks are the four best Big Brother players of all time. It’s an interesting group of players he has gone with.

Celebrity Big Brother makes its return to CBS

For the Winter 2022 television season, CBS is bringing back Celebrity Big Brother to compete with the Winter Olympics. A brand new group of celebrities will get a chance to compete on the reality competition show and it will be interesting to see if the production team can get a full cast of celebrities who all want to play out the entire season.

There are already a lot of Celebrity Big Brother rumors about who might play this winter, but it will be a while until we get an official cast list from CBS. That gives the producers a lot of time to put together the right group of people who will provide drama and excitement for Big Brother fans.

Looking ahead, though, here is the full episode list for CBB3 USA. There are a number of two-hour episodes that should be fun to watch, and it all gets started in February 2022.

Big Brother - Get to Know Jessie

Celebrity Big Brother 3 debuts February 2 on CBS.

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