Jessie James Decker details her ‘biggest downfall’ as she nearly misses rehearsals for DWTS

Jessie James Decker at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards
Jessie James Decker detailed her “eventful” evening and morning that nearly caused her to miss her DWTS rehearsals. Pic credit: ©

Jessie James Decker detailed an “eventful” evening and morning that nearly derailed her Dancing with the Stars rehearsal and opened up about what her “biggest downfall” will be as she prepares to compete for the coveted Mirror Ball trophy.

Jessie, 34, is a busy wife, mom, performer, and entrepreneur. She’s currently touring the country on her The Woman I’ve Become tour, which runs through mid-December, ending with a final show in Canada.

As if raising three kids and performing on the road weren’t enough on her plate, Jessie recently announced that she’ll be joining the Season 31 cast of DWTS, which premieres next week.

Unfortunately, Jessie recently griped that with so much going on in her life, she’s been presented with a challenge when it comes to getting to her DWTS rehearsals with her professional dance partner, Alan Bersten.

Taking to her Instagram Stories on Monday morning, Jessie shared a video with her 4.1 million IG followers as she drove in her car.

“Had quite an eventful night and morning,” she began before explaining that in the middle of the night, her home alarm went off, waking her and the kids out of a dead sleep and prompting her to call the police. Her husband, retired NFL player Eric Decker, was out of town at the time, but luckily, it was a false alarm.

Jessie James Decker shares ‘eventful’ morning that delayed her DWTS rehearsals

Then, as Jessie continued to share, her morning didn’t fare much better. She said she let her three kids — Vivianne, Eric II, and Forrest — sleep in due to being up late with the alarm fiasco, only to discover that Vivi’s wire for her braces popped out of her mouth.

Jessie found herself rushing to get all three kids to school while rushing Vivianne to see her orthodontist, which caused her to have to “push back” her DWTS rehearsals.

Jessie admittedly feeling ‘overwhelmed’ with juggling personal life and career

“I’m just like a little overwhelmed with how to juggle all of this right now,” Jessie admitted to her fans. “I feel like that’s gonna be my biggest downfall with doing this show, is like trying to squeeze everything in but also like prioritize. It’s been a lot, but I’m doing my best.”

In her next slide, however, Jessie showed that she made it to rehearsal as she filmed a video from the dance floor, including Alan. As Jessie posed in front of a mirror — giving her fans a peek at her fabulous figure in a black crop top, black biker shorts, and a pair of nude-colored jazz shoes — she laughed as Alan goofed off behind her. She captioned the slide, “We here.”

Jessie’s plate is clearly full, but she’s proven to her fans that she’s got what it takes to make it all work.

Season 31 of Dancing with the Stars premieres on Monday, September 19 on Disney+.

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