Jesse Palmer weighs in on Kelsey Anderson’s note for Joey Graziadei on The Bachelor

Jesse Palmer at WE tv Premiere of Season 12 for BRIDEZILLAS
Jesse Palmer is weighing in on Kelsey’s note. Pic credit: ABC

As The Bachelor gets closer to the end of Joey Graziadei’s season, the drama is starting to amp up again.

We’re down to the final three women, with a cliffhanger elimination coming up right before the Women Tell All.

But a Bachelor teaser has us on the edge of our seats after Joey got one of those “we need to talk” notes from Kelsey Anderson right as he started to really fall in love.

All season long, Joey has worried about getting to the end of the season and not finding love or getting down on one knee and getting rejected.

This letter clearly makes him think that those fears are coming true, especially after admitting that he is in love with her.

We don’t officially know what Kelsey wants to talk about yet, and for those following The Bachelor spoilers, we have an idea of how this all shakes out — but we’re all still on edge as we wait to see what she has to say.

Jesse Palmer teases what Kelsey’s note could mean

Typically, a “we need to talk” note has not been a good sign regarding The Bachelor or any of its spinoffs.

Many times, this meant someone was headed home for whatever reason. Like when Joan Vassos met with Gerry Turner to tell him she had to go home and tend to her postpartum daughter.

So, there is a good reason for Joey to be so worried, and he heads to Kelsey to see what it is that she wants to talk about.

When it comes to The Bachelor host, Jesse Palmer doesn’t share much insight into that note either.

While chatting with Entertainment Weekly about what we’ve seen so far, he was asked to weigh in on that note and what it meant for Joey and Kelsey’s journey.

Jesse responded, “‘We need to talk’ can mean a lot of things. Normally, it’s not great. Nobody, including Joey or myself, had any idea where this was going…”

That’s not much help, and it’s clear that Jesse wants to keep the suspense. Don’t be surprised if it has something to do with the seeds of doubt that Leslie Fhima planted right before Joey and Kelsey headed out for their Fantasy Suites date.

The Bachelor viewers are furious with Leslie Fhima

After Susan, Leslie, and Sandra made their latest appearance on The Bachelor to offer advice for the three remaining women, viewers were pretty angry at Leslie.

Unsurprisingly, she advised Kelsey not to get her hopes up or to get too confident that she was the one, considering what Gerry did to her, but many people think she should have kept that to herself.

After that segment aired, The Bachelor viewers took to social media and they didn’t have anything nice to say, and that has us wondering if it could affect Leslie’s chance at being the first The Golden Bachelorette star.

The lead still hasn’t been announced, even though they’re busy casting the men who will try to win her heart, and Leslie has long been predicted to take the starring role because of the way Gerry chose Theresa over her on The Golden Bachelor.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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