Jesse Palmer shares commentary on his time with Bachelor in Paradise stars

Jesse Palmer
Jesse Palmer met several members of Bachelor Nation during Bachelor in Paradise Season 8. Pic credit: @jessepalmer/Instagram

Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 is back with many beloved Bachelor Nation stars returning to the franchise. 

Jesse Palmer will also appear on Bachelor in Paradise as he makes his debut as host of BIP. 

While Jesse has already met several of the BIP Season 8 stars since he hosted their seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, some older contestants will be newer to Jesse. 

Recently, the Bachelor franchise host shared several posts capturing his meet and greets with Bachelor Nation stars before they make their way to the beach. 

Jesse offered playful commentary on a few of his interactions on the island. 

Some of the Bachelor Nation stars Jesse commented on included Andrew Spencer, Teddi Wright, and Johnny DePhillipo. 

Jesse Palmer teases Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 cast members 

Jesse Palmer took to his Instagram Stories to share his commentary on BIP Season 8 stars. 

In one post, Jesse greeted Genevieve Parisi, who smiled in a low-cut bikini and sarong. 

Jesse wrote, “Love seeing familiar faces at the beach!!!” Genevieve was on The Bachelor Season 26, meaning she was a part of Jesse’s first season hosting within The Bachelor franchise. 

Jesse Palmer's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @jessepalmer/Instagram

In another post, Jesse shared a photo of The Bachelor Season 17 fan favorite Andrew Spencer, whose abs were out in a vibrant shirt and orange trunks. 

Jesse teased, “Shirt buttons optional for Andrew…”

Jesse Palmer's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @jessepalmer/Instagram

While greeting Teddi Wright on the island, Jesse joked that he had to explain to Teddi what the difference was between ice cream and gelato.

Jesse Palmer's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @jessepalmer/Instagram

Jesse and The Bachelor Season 26 star Hailey Malles were snapped mid-high five on the beach, and Jesse commented on the importance of eye contact when executing a proper high five.

Jesse Palmer's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @jessepalmer/Instagram

Jesse also appeared to have a warm welcome with a familiar face from The Bachelor Season 26, Jill Chin. 

Jesse wrote out dialogue to go along with the photo: “Me: did you know strengths is the longest work in the English language with one vowel? Jill: No” 

Jesse Palmer's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @jessepalmer/Instagram

Jesse Palmer catches Johnny DePhillipo off guard 

Jesse also greeted Johnny DePhillipo on the island and shared he made Johnny a surprising request. 

Jesse wrote over the photo, “When I ask Johnny to freestyle.” 

Johnny reshared the photo to his Instagram Stories and admitted that Jesse “caught me so off guard.” 

Jesse Palmer's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @jessepalmer/Instagram

Tune in to Bachelor in Paradise to see how Jesse Palmer fares as the new host. 

Bachelor in Paradise premieres Tuesday, September 27 at 8/7c on ABC. 

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