Jesse Palmer dishes on The Golden Bachelorette and whether it will happen

Jesse Palmer Bachelor Nation host
Jesse Palmer is updaing Bachelor Nation on whether we’ll get The Golden Bachelorette. Pic credit: ABC

The Golden Bachelor has been more successful than anyone could have hoped, as 4 million viewers tuned in for the premiere, and the show continues to be wildly popular.

So that begs the question — will there be a The Golden Bachelorette spinoff now, too?

It seems highly likely, considering how much Bachelor Nation loves this show.

As we head into the third episode of the new series, the roar for a spinoff of the spinoff is getting louder, and host Jesse Palmer has heard it.

Now, he’s opening up about what he thinks about adding The Golden Bachelorette to the line-up.

Clearly, if it’s up to him, he’s all in.

Will there be a The Golden Bachelorette spinoff next?

When E! News caught up with Jesse Palmer and asked if he was ready to add The Golden Bachelorette to his roster, he said, “Absolutely. I really hope that’s the case.”

Unfortunately, Jesse isn’t calling the shots when it comes to The Bachelor and all its spinoffs, though, which is something he reminded us of after sharing his hope to have the spinoff show.

“I can’t speak on behalf of executives or anybody else, obviously,” Jesse warned before continuing. “I’m sure everyone’s waiting to see how this one goes first. But I know there are thousands of women across America deserving of that.” 

Could the first Golden Bachelorette be on Gerry’s season of The Golden Bachelor right now? Possibly.

“There’s some incredible stories that I think are really going to resonate with people at home once you start peeling back the layers,” Jesse explained. “As the show goes on, you learn more about these women, what they’ve been through. I think there’s going to be a swell in support of there being a Golden Bachelorette. That’s my personal opinion.”

Jesse is likely right, too, because the popularity of The Golden Bachelor has been huge, with viewers already calling for a spinoff with a female lead.

The Golden Bachelor viewers want changes for future seasons

As viewers start asking about yet another spinoff, they are also voicing their concerns about The Golden Bachelor and things they want to see changed going forward.

After all, the premiere season is following The Bachelor format in its entirety, without making any concessions for the age of the cast.

Fans of the show were shocked when the women had to decide who would sleep in bunk beds, and even Natascha, who didn’t get a rose last week, mentioned that the women should have chairs for the rose ceremonies, which often take hours to film under bright lights while wearing fancy gowns and heels.

Naturally, there will be some bumps as they navigate the first season, so it will be interesting to see what changes are made when the show returns.

The Golden Bachelor airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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Cynthia Riley
Cynthia Riley
9 months ago

It just seems to me her daughter could have gotten someone there to care for her while her mother continued to find happiness her daughter has no husband? Or other family or friends? Joan was the perfect match she should come back. Love at first sight for both of them when they connected. Shouldn’t throw that away