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Jesse Meester robbed in Barcelona, says thief took his Louis Vuitton bag full of valuables

Jesse Meester on 90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days Tell All
Jesse Meester tells fans he got robbed in Barcelona. Pic credit: TLC

Jesse Meester has been spending time in Barcelona, Spain and posting about it on social media. On Saturday, he gave a shocking update to his trip, letting 90 Day Fiance fans know that he was robbed.

“Ok guys, never thought this would happen but I was just robbed of my Louis Vuitton bag with everything in it.”

Jesse went on to say that the thief took his passport, $50,000 worth of watches, and other valuables and that he just can’t believe what is going on.

Jesse shared another video from the police station, where he went into more detail. He explained that he was at a Starbucks with his Louis Vuitton bag and that his watches were with him because they were shooting them. He even goes into detail about what watches were in there and how much they were worth.

Now, Jesse says he is “freaking out right now” because he’s stuck in Barcelona and his passport is gone.

In the video, Jesse says he believes he was being followed for a long time. He explained that he was sitting at the Starbucks, drinking his coffee and then he realized his bag was gone. Thankfully, Jesse didn’t have his phone in the bag so he’s been able to keep everyone updated on what is going on.

Jesse also said that if he had caught the person who stole his bag, he’d probably be in jail now for beating them up. He went on to say that one of the watches was worth $43,000 on its own and that its not something he can just replace. He said that the watch was an investment for him and that it’s not right for someone to just come take that from him after all his hard work.

Certainly, there will be more updates from Jesse Meester as Barcelona police investigate the disappearance of his Louis Vuitton bag and its contents. Hopefully, whoever is responsible for the theft will be caught.

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