Jessa Duggar shares photo of haircut she gave Ben Seewald and fans praise her efforts

Jessa Duggar Counting On confessional.
Jessa Duggar shared a photo of Ben Seewald with a fresh haircut. Pic credit: TLC

Jessa Duggar is a domestic goddess. Not only does she keep her household running and take care of her three young children, but she also is the resident hairdresser.

The Counting On star shared a tutorial on YouTube for when she cuts Ben Seewald’s hair.

Jessa Duggar shared a photo of the finished haircut on Instagram, and followers praised her skills.

Jessa is all about saving money and doing it yourself

Growing up with so many siblings has taught Jessa Duggar a lot. She knows how to work a budget and save when she needs to.

Cutting her husband’s hair by herself is one way to slash costs.

Ben Seewald isn’t the only hair she has cut either. Jessa Duggar has been known to give her children haircuts as well.

She did a similar tutorial on Spurgeon’s hair at the end of 2019 and got criticism for it. Jessa is the queen of clap-backs, so she got the last laugh on that one.

Doing things herself is something Jessa Duggar takes pride in. She was happy to share how she was able to do the cuts and save herself some money.

Followers praised her latest showcase, noting that the fade done on Ben Seewald was near perfection. Some of the comments even came from hairdressers who went to school for this trade.

All in all, Jessa received a lot of positive feedback.

Jessa Duggar is a mini Michelle Duggar

Out of all the adult Duggar daughters, Jessa Duggar runs her household the most similar to her mom. Sure, Anna Duggar is a lot like her mother-in-law, but she wasn’t raised in that household.

Aside from Josh and Anna Duggar, Jessa Duggar leads the pack with three little ones. She has two boys and one daughter.

From breastfeeding to saving money, Jessa is taking what she learned at home and applying it to the life she is building.

Since she is resigned to staying at home with her children, Jessa Duggar has been working on her YouTube channel. With as many followers as she has, monetizing her videos should be easy.

Branching out and making income on her own with things she would have likely done anyway is a smart business move.

Being a domestic goddess isn’t easy, but Jessa Duggar makes it look effortless.

Counting On is currently on hiatus but is expected to return later this year.

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