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Jess Caroline accuses Colt Johnson of abuse, 90 Day Fiance star lost job after he shared her nude photos

Jess Caroline talks about abusive relationship with Colt Johnson
Jess Caroline talks about alleged Colt Johnson abuse. Pic credit: TLC

Jess Caroline is spilling all the beans about her relationship with Colt Johnson, and some of it is quite alarming.

There’s been a lot of revelation about Colt on social media these past few days from women who have dated him as well as former friends of the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After alum.

And it seems he has left a few jilted women in his wake including his most recent Brazilian girlfriend, Jess Caroline.

After the breakup scene between the two recently played out on the show, Jess has come forward to share even more about the 35-year-old and how negatively the relationship has affected her.

We recently witnessed Jess confronting Colt about his cheating ways– after she found out he had sent photos of his penis to at least eight different women.

The Las Vegas native didn’t deny the accusations but instead issued a mediocre apology for his actions.

Viewers were buying it and the red-haired beauty didn’t buy it either, so she ended things with the serial cheater and now she’s sharing more about their tumultuous relationship.

Jess talks about Colt Johnson abuse

Jess recently shared a series of posts on Instagram, outlining all the things she’s had to endure since being with the reality TV alum.

Not only did the 26-year-old talk about abuse at the hands of Colt but she also shared that the relationship was so toxic that it led her into depression and weight gain and she had to seek therapy.

She starts the lengthy message, “I want to talk about a lot of situations I went through in my past relationship, this still leave scars on me today.”

“It was an extremely abusive relationship,” shares Jess. “I didn’t recognize myself anymore, I lost my identity…I cried a lot. I started to wonder if I was crazy as he said.”

Jess Caroline talks Colt Johnson abuse
Pic credit:@Jesscaroline_/Instagram

Jess says Colt wanted to destroy her

As the post continued Jess shared more shocking details about her time with Johnson. And if these things being alleged are actually true, then it certainly explains the reasons for her anger.

“He…made me believe that I was crazy,” writes Jess. “Said that he loved me and in five minutes he called me a bi*#h and that he hated me.”

She also shared heartbreaking details about how she lost her job because of the crass actions of the 90 Day Fiance alum.

Jess tells her fans, “The he posted my nudes, sent them to his friends and made me lose my job. He wanted to destroy me and make my life hell.”

She ends the post, “Thank God I am in a better place today and I found myself again.”

Jess Caroline talks Colt Johnson abuse
Pic credit:@Jesscaroline_/Instagram

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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  1. Not a fan of Colt’s at all, even less a fan of hers! What an idiot too, who doesn’t know that once you put pics on the web, they are out there regardless of WHO, spreads them! She needs to come down off her high horse, because, she is in no way one of the “pretty” ones of 90 Day! She is delusional to think she’s “hot” ?????


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