Jess and Larissa call out Colt Johnson for OnlyFans account and for using their photos

Jess and Larissa bond over a common enemy. Pic Credit: TLC

Colt made unlikely friends out of his two Brazilian ex-girlfriends. The two women, Larissa Lima and Jess Caroline, are speaking out against their ex-boyfriend.

Colt Johnson recently announced that he’ll be taking the same path as Larissa’s current boyfriend Eric Nichols and will launch his own account on the adult platform OnlyFans.

Colt launches his OnlyFans

While viewers aren’t sure who would want to see more of Colt, he does have some subscribers paying to see him on the adult platform.

Colt stated that will fans get to see his live reactions to the new Happily Ever After? episodes on his OnlyFans . It’ll give fans the opportunity to “make fun of him or cheer him on” while watching the show.

His bio on the site states, “Now for the first time only you’ll get a deeper look into his private moments and get to know him on an intimate level you’ll never forget.”

He follows fellow 90 Day Fiance stars Deavan Clegg, Stephanie Matto, and Kolini Faagata, Kalani Faagata’s sister in joining the platform.

Larissa threatens action on revenge porn

Colt didn’t launch without controversy – his OnlyFans profile initially included a photo with his previous 3 flames, Larissa, Jess, and Vanessa.

Although Vanessa has stayed quiet, the two Brazilians have threatened that “secrets” will be spilled if Colt refuses to take down the photos.

Larissa reiterated that the show was taped months ago and he is using the women to stay relevant.

Pic: @jesscaroline_/Instagram

Larissa’s new friend Jess agreed with her and concluded that Colt is gaslighting them. Colt has a history of lying to Jess and making her feel like she’s out of line for feeling hurt.

Jess ended her rant by telling Colt that he is a “loser and you’re going to die a loser. You’re never gonna grow and you’re never gonna learn.”

Both women can agree that they want absolutely nothing to do with Colt

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After returns on October 11 at 8/7c on TLC.

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