Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick compares herself to Tom Brady, says ‘try to replace me’

Angelina Pivarnick on Jersey Shore Family Vacation.
Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick makes a statement to let everyone know she can’t be replaced. Pic credit: @angelinamtv/Instagram

Jersey Shore Family Vacation star Angelina Pivarnick has been partying it up lately with some of her friends.

She’s shared several videos and photos on social media as she lives her life and enjoys herself.

She also recently celebrated her birthday and seemed to go all out to have a good time.

Along with sharing some birthday tributes from her friends, Angelina shared some photos of herself and wasted no time letting everyone know how important she was feeling.

She shared posts to remind everyone that she was “the queen” and even compared herself to football legend Tom Brady.

Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick compares herself to Tom Brady, says ‘try to replace me’

Angelina seemed like she set out to prove a point, and she wanted everyone to know about it.

She wanted everyone to know that there wasn’t anyone out there like her and that she was simply irreplaceable.

In one photo, she appeared in a glittery romper as she posed with her hand underneath her chin.

She captioned the post, “Dam right. I am the queen. Thank u love all of u.”

Angelina shares birthday post.
Pic credit: @angelinamtv/Instagram

Not only did she want people to know that she was “the queen” but she wanted to make it clear that she was not going anywhere any time soon and that she could not be replaced.

She shared the same image of herself, but this time, she changed the caption and compared herself to Tom Brady.

She wrote, “No bootleg here. Try to replace me motherssss I’m tom Brady lol. Did I say I wanted to retire yet ???? Nah.”

Angelina compares herself to Tom Brady.
Pic credit: @angelinamtv/Instagram

It’s unclear what prompted Angelina to share these kinds of messages but it could have something to do with MTV continuing to pursue a Jersey Shore 2.0 show.

OG Jersey Shore cast protests Jersey Shore 2.0

The news was shared recently that MTV was planning to come out with a Jersey Shore spinoff called Jersey Shore 2.0.

The show would follow a new group of roommates as they party and live it up in a different shore house.

Upon news that this was being considered, the OG Jersey Shore cast took a stand to let everyone know they did not support this.

They felt that people would be capitalizing off of something they created, and they thought it was a slap in the face from production.

The cast shared the same statement on all of their social media pages and stood as a united front.

Following the message, it was reported that MTV was angry with the cast, but they did not make an official statement.

It’s unclear what this means for the future of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, but for now, the new season continues to air.

Whether this had anything to do with Angelina’s posts remains unknown, but she has made it clear that no matter how hard they try, she cannot be copied.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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