Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick blasted by fans for being ‘jealous’ and ‘delusional’ over castmate

angelina pivarnick face shot from jersey shore family vacation 7 on mtv
Angelina Pivarnick during Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 7. Pic credit: MTV

Angelina Pivarnick faced the wrath of online critics once again as Jersey Shore Family Vacation viewers blasted her “jealous” and “delusional” behavior.

The third episode of the spin-off aired on Thursday evening and featured Snooki Night to honor Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi at a baseball game.

However, other stories came into focus during the show, including Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio’s dating situation with Nikki Hall and Vinny Guadagnino discussing possibly settling down.

Vinny and his castmates also had several significant events during the show, including a Chippendale performance and Jersey Shore Day.

Another potential storyline presented itself based on Angelina’s attitude towards her castmate Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola.

Sammi returned to the spin-off last season after over 10 years away and seemed to be receiving more attention than Angelina when the cast traveled to Atlantic City.

Angelina skips Snooki Night during Jersey Shore

The newest episode opened with Snooki Night, as she was the celebrity guest at a local baseball game and threw out the first pitch. Snooki bobbleheads were also given to fans, and there was a meet and great opportunity.

Many of the Jersey Shore Family cast members attended the event, although Vinny, Pauly, and Angelina weren’t there with them.

During a storm delay at the game, some of the cast chatted with Angelina on a video call after she had gone to get breast augmentation surgery.

In a later segment, Jenni “JWoww” Farley called up Sammi so they could visit Angelina at her home and bring her snacks after a tough surgery. They chatted with Angelina about her situation with her fiancee, Vinny 2.0, and an ex pursuing her.

Later, Vinny prepared for his Chippendale performance in Atlantic City with castmates taking a road trip to attend and support him. There was also the first-ever Jersey Shore Day going on in Atlantic City.

As Deena, Sammi, and Angelina arrived at a hotel, Sammi was getting a lot of fans yelling her name or saying hello to her. That brought remarks from Angelina about her castmate.

“Everyone is just so excited that Sammi’s back, but what about me? Like, I’ve been on the show way longer than she has now,” Angelina said in the confessional interview.

“Everyone knows who Sam is here. You’re a local celebrity,” Angelina told Sammi as they entered an elevator.

Fans called out Angelina’s ‘jealous’ and ‘delusional’ behavior

Angelina tends to receive much backlash and criticism from Jersey Shore viewers, primarily aimed at changes she makes to her appearance or TV drama. That was the case after what viewers witnessed during Thursday night’s episode.

One commenter said they were “tired of tweeting” about Angelina and called her “delulu af.”

“Nobody is talking you bc WE DON’T LIKE YOU, we love Sam. She was always apart of the fam. We just got stuck with you, girl,” they tweeted about the Jersey Shore castmates.

twitter screenshot as fan blasts angelina pivarnick
A Jersey Shore fan lashes out. Pic credit: @lexisgonzales/Twitter

“Angelina needs to stop being jealous of Sammi lol but I don’t blame her,” a commenter wrote.

screenshot shows fan calling out angelina pivarnick from family vacation as jealous
Angelina receives shade from a fan. Pic credit: @SammiLover101/Twitter

“Not Angelina jealous because Sam is getting alot of love. Sam is one of the most liked cast members,” another commenter wrote on Twitter.

fan on twitter calls out angelina pivarnick about family vacation remarks about sammi
A fan calls Angelina jealous. Pic credit: @ZGunn95/Twitter

Interestingly, one of the Jersey Shore Family Vacation teaser trailers before Season 7 revealed potential drama as an argument happens involving Angelina and Sammi. Will it be due to Angelina’s jealousy or something entirely different?

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 7 airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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