Jersey Shore fans react to vintage clip of Deena’s arrest, claim that’s when the show ‘was good’

Deena Cortese appears on Jersey Shore.
Fans reacted to a vintage clip of Deena Cortese’s drunken escapades on the streets of Seaside Heights, New Jersey. Pic credit: MTV

Fans of MTV’s Jersey Shore have reacted to a vintage clip of Deena Cortese’s 2012 arrest for disorderly conduct in the streets of Seaside Heights during the show’s final season and claimed that was when the show “was good.”

Deena decided to have what she called a “meatball day” in the bars of Seaside Heights. In one of the first minutes of the clip, Deena fell on the floor, which led Ronnie Ortiz-Magro to ask her if she was kissing it.

“Deena is beyond wasted right now, she is mumbling words I can’t even understand her,” said Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola in a sit-down interview.

Deena ran out of the bar she and several of her Jersey Shore castmates patronized and walked in the middle of the street with cars behind her. She thought she was still on the boardwalk when a friend tried to stop her.

Ronnie ran out after her, after first being stopped by Sammi, who asked if he was leaving her.

“Why are you being a dad?” Deena asked her pal.

Deena would get arrested for her behavior

Deena began dancing in the middle of the street. She wore a pink V-necked shirt and black shorts with slippers on her feet.

Cars slowed down around her and Deena was oblivious to her behavior.

She was chased by police who told her she was under arrest.

“Why am I in trouble, I don’t want to be in trouble,” she said.

The two policemen who arrested Deena said she was dancing in the streets and blocking traffic.

MTV News would later talk to Deena about her arrest.

“It was actually not that bad — not that it wasn’t bad, but the cops in Seaside were so nice to me, and I was basically in a drunk tank. They kept me there until I sobered up,” Deena said. “It wasn’t like I killed somebody or stole; it wasn’t anything that crazy. I called my parents … but jail was hard to go to. I don’t ever want to go again, but the police were very nice to me.”

Fans reacted to the vintage video clip

Viewers of the series recalled when the event happened and enjoyed watching the clip recalling one of Deena’s not so finest moments.

“When the show was actually good lol,” wrote one fan.

“She must look back and watch this and cringe lol,” claimed a second follower.

deena cortese fan comments

“The good old days, day drinking,” wrote a third Instagram user.

Comments on Jersey Shore video of Deena.
A fourth fan remarked that Deena was just spreading joy. Pic credit: Instagram

“She was just having some fun spreading joy in the streets is all,” claimed a fourth fan, followed by the hashtag meatball with saucey sauce.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is currently on hiatus.