Jersey Shore Family Vacation spoilers: Who does the Jersey Shore cast fight with and why?

Ronnie Ortiz Magro describes the Jersey Shore fight. Pic credit: MTV
Ronnie Ortiz Magro describes the Jersey Shore fight. Pic credit: MTV

On the next episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, trouble is brewing when the cast heads out for a wild night of partying. The MTV cast’s night of fun turns ugly fast when some other club patrons decide to get rude with the ladies during a trip to the wine bar.

Then, later that night, it seems that the fight got sparked back up again and this time, the men got involved. But who are they fighting with and why?

The Jersey Shore cast is known for getting a little rowdy and they’ve even been in a few fights in their day. This time around, though, the drama didn’t start with the meatballs. Instead, it was instigated by some random guy at the bar.

In the first sneak peek shared by MTV, we can see the guy who starts it all. It seems to just be some random guy who happened to also be at The Wine Loft when Snooki, JWoww and Deena Cortese were enjoying a few hours together.

As the ladies walked out of the building, some guy called out behind them as Deena walked by, saying, “Every girl is fat.”

All three Jersey Shore stars heard the comment and it was even caught on camera. Snooki was completely shocked at the comment, while Jenni Farley was ready to fight.

In fact, she can be seen in the clip as she marches back into the bar to confront the random guy, telling him what a “piece of s**t” he is.

That wasn’t the end of it.

In another Jersey Shore Family Vacation sneak peek, it looks like the cast is ready to fight the same guy. It’s later that night and now the whole cast is at another club together when seemingly the same person starts heckling again.

This is nothing new for these reality stars and happens quite often on shows where the cast is followed by a film crew. Hecklers have started fights on Jersey Shore, Floribama Shore and even back on The Real World. It only seems to add ratings to the series and so far, the heckler doesn’t seem to get anything out of it except maybe 15 seconds on TV.

In this case, the man who called Deena fat is looking at a beatdown by Ronnie and Pauly D. It all went down at the Teak Asian Fusion Sushi Bar & Lounge.

In the clip, Ronnie can be seen exchanging words with a man and it really looks like it’s the same one from the girls’ night clip. After shouting “let’s go!” and walking away, Ronnie can be seen approaching Pauly, saying, “I’m about to go f**k homeboy up.”

“Let’s go!” Pauly replies as he starts getting up.

In the confessional, Ronnie explains that he’s got a lot of pent up anger and he’s going to “release it on this f**king chooch right now.”

Is it possible that the same guy followed the Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast from location to location in an attempt to stir up trouble? It certainly seems that way!

After yelling more insults at the reality stars from across the room and with several security guards between them, Ronnie and Pauly managed to round up Mike and Vinny, who are all trying to exit the building and fight.

This is the guy who called Deena fat at The Wine Lounge. Pic credit: MTV
This is the guy who called Deena fat at The Wine Lounge. Pic credit: MTV

It turns out that the guy called Ronnie fat too. In the confessional, he complained that this random, non-famous person also told him that his tan sucks and called him short. It’s no shocker that Ronnie is ready to throw down after all that.

On Jersey Shore, this guy finds the cast and heckles them twice.
This looks to be the same guy that was making fun of the girls. Pic credit: MTV

After the group exits the sushi bar, a woman comes out behind them and starts heckling the women again.

“Angelina’s a w***e!” she yelled, trying to get them all riled up again.

It turns out that she is someone Angelina actually knows. In the confessional, Pauly D explains that this girl who is now trying to get Angelina to fight is someone that she’s been beefing with for a long time.

Angelina calls her a stripper then tells the confessional camera that the woman is obsessed with her and that she tries to “bang” every guy that gives Angelina any attention.

Clearly heated, Angelina actually managed to push past the bodyguards and get her hands on the other girl for a brief moment. After knocking over some tables and trying to snatch up a drink to throw, security was able to break it all up but does that mean the beef is over or are they just waiting for another opportunity?

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV. 

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