Jersey Shore cast then and now: What are they all doing and what do they look like today?

Jersey Shore
The Jersey Shore cast has reunited to film Jersey Shore: Family Vacation for MTV. Pic credit: MTV

Jersey Shore is back on MTV with its Family Vacation spin-off, after the show originally went off the air in December 2012.

The hit show, which ran for three years on MTV, opened up the world to the tanned New Jersey party scene that happened every year on the shore.

Now, almost 6 years later, the guidos and guidettes from Jersey Shore have grown up. Here’s what your favorite stars look like and are currently doing with their lives.

Paul DelVecchio

Paul DelVecchio, also known as DJ Pauly D, still has that tall signature hair that he had back in 2012.

But rather than call for the cabs, DJ Pauly D is now calling for his fans to join him at the club.

Since leaving Jersey Shore, he has managed to create a successful career as a DJ. He often plays in Las Vegas and fans love to see him spin.

The 38-year-old doesn’t seem interested in leaving the party scene behind. He has a daughter, Amabella Sophia Markert, but isn’t with the mother.

He dated Aubrey O’Day for a while but the two are no longer together.

Vinny Guadagnino

Vincent “Vinny” Guadagnino, Pauly D’s best friend on the show, chose not to follow in his friends’ footsteps to pursue a DJ career.

Instead, he explored other options in the entertainment industry. He recently cut sugar from his diet and has become a spokesperson of sorts for the Keto diet.

While he claims he’s no bodybuilder, scientist, certified nutritionist or anything else that should label him an expert, he just wants people to live the best lives they can.

How about that? He is supposedly single with no kids.

Michael Sorrentino

Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino is probably the one Jersey Shore star who has made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

He was charged with tax fraud, as he allegedly didn’t pay taxes on his earnings from Jersey Shore. And it wasn’t a small sum either.

He’s currently charged with tax fraud on his $8.9million earnings from years ago, and he’s scheduled to be in court later this year.

On the relationship front, things are looking brighter. He’s currently with Lauren Pesce and the two claim to be each other’s better halves.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, also known as just Ronnie, appears to have grown up.

He became a father to little Ariana Sky Magro just a few months ago. He had the child with his then-girlfriend, Jennifer Harley, but the two seemed to struggle in their relationship.

While they were together for the birth of their child, they split up just weeks later. As of this summer, Ronnie is balancing life as a single dad, although it’s thought the couple’s relationship is of the on-off variety..

No word on how they are sharing custody of Ariana when they’re not together.

Nicole Polizzi

Nicole Polizzi, also known as Snooki on Jersey Shore, is probably one of the most successful stars to come from the franchise.

When she was filming the show, she met Jionni LaValle and the two began dating. After the show ended, the two had two children and got married. \

She gave birth to Lorenzo Dominic LaValle on August 26, 2012, and Giovanna Marie LaValle on September 26, 2014. She made headlines after supposedly losing 42 pounds post pregnancy.

Jennifer Farley

Jennifer Farley, also known as JWoww on Jersey Shore, stayed close with Snooki after the show ended.

The two had s spin-off show and both settled down with their boyfriends from the series.

She married Roger Mathews in 2015 and the two have two children together, Meilani Alexandra Mathews and Greyson Valor Mathews.

JWoww recently opened up on her Instagram about how her son doesn’t speak yet, and said she was overwhelmed by the love and support from her fans.

Deena Nicole Cortese

Deena Nicole Cortese joined the show after original cast member, Angelina Pivarnick, decided not to return for the show’s second season.

Deena quickly bonded with the girls and it seems that she’s following in their footsteps.

She’s been with Christoper Buckner for a while and the two got married almost a year ago, in October 2017. She’s currently pregnant with her first child, a little baby boy.

Samantha Giancola

Samantha Giancola, also known as Sammy the Sweetheart, kept saying one thing all the time: Ronnie.

Sammy was obsessed with Ronnie and while the two dated on the show, it was clear that they couldn’t make it work.

She’s currently with a man named Christian Biscardi. Since leaving the show, Sammy hasn’t focused on starting a family. Instead, she’s used her Jersey Shore fame to launch businesses.

In 2011, she released a fragrance called Dangerous, then, in 2013, she launched a clothing line called Sweetheart Styles. She was also a co-host on the podcast Just Sayin in 2015.

Angelina Pivarnick

If you don’t remember Angelina Pivarnick, it may be because she left Jersey Shore after just a few episodes.

She had a relationship back home at the time and it was simply too much for her to be away from her man.

The two broke up but Angelina chose not to come back to the show and was replaced by Deena. Since leaving the show, she’s been engaged three times and managed to get herself into hot water.

In 2012, she revealed she wasn’t supportive of gay marriages but she retracted her statement after facing heat from her Jersey Shore co-star, JWoww.

Which Jersey Shore star is your favorite?

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.