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Jersey Shore: Angelina Pivarnick comes clean about the work she’s had done and denies having a nose job

Angelina Pivarnick on an episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation
Angelina Pivarnick sets the record straight on her plastic surgery procedures Pic credit: MTV

Jersey Shore Family Vacation star Angelina Pivarnick has not been shy about sharing her plastic surgery procedures with fans.

She has praised her plastic surgeon Dr. John Paul Tutela on Instagram for the work he has done to her, which has included a bandaid butt-lift and breast augmentation.

In addition to both procedures, Angelina has also had botox, lip injections, and scar removal. She’s told fans that her plastic surgeon has the “hands of a God” and that she’s never been as confident as she is now.

In her recent Instagram posts, fans have criticized Angelina for changing her body and her face too much to the point that they think she is unrecognizeable. Many have accused her of using too many filters while others think she’s not being truthful about all of the work she’s had done.

Angelina’s followers have questioned whether or not she’s being honest about not having her nose done at all as they think it looks completely different than it did when she first filmed Jersey Shore.

Angelina took to Instagram this weekend to set the record straight after she received so much criticism and questions from her followers.

Angelina comes clean about the work she’s had done

Angelina posed in a gold bikini for her Instagram followers and showed off her body and her face.

She captioned the video and admitted, “Yes I used a Snapchat filter for this and no I didn’t photoshop or facetune my body lol. Thanks for asking.”

She continued, “I also never ever got a nose job ppl. Same nose since I was born. So nice try on that.”

Angelina told fans that she contours her nose with makeup to give it its slim appearance and claimed that the only surgery she’s had done was her breast augmentation.

She added, “Ask my plastic surgeon. He knows. I’ve gotten injections and that’s it!”

Several fans took to the comments to praise her for being so open and honest about her use of filters and her plastic surgery. Many told her that she shouldn’t have to explain herself to those who criticized her.

Her Jersey Shore Family Vacation costars Pauly DelVecchio and Jenni “JWOWW” Farley both chimed in to compliment Angelina’s video.

Pauly and JWOWW compliment Angelina on her Instagram post
Pauly and JWOWW compliment Angelina on her Instagram post Pic credit: @djpaulyd@jwoww/Instagram

Fans wondered whether Jenni’s recent post was a dig at Angelina

The topic of filters and photo editing has been a hot one recently as Jenni recently posted a side-by-side photo to Instagram comparing a filtered photo to her natural look.

In the caption of the post, she urged her followers not to enhance their photos with fake filters and other applications and encouraged them to love themselves naturally.

Some fans thought this was a dig at Angelina due to her being so open about her use of filters on her photos, however, her support for Angelina’s latest post proves otherwise.

Angelina and Jenni made amends on the last season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation and appear to be at least civil with one another now.

Fans can tune in to the second half of the season, which recently finished filming at Woodloch Resort in Pennsylvania, to see how their relationship has changed. MTV has yet to release an official air date.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation is currently on hiatus.

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