Jeopardy! fans bash Kelly Clarkson after Mayim Bialik interview

Kelly Clarkson and Mayim Bialik
Kelly Clarkson and Mayim Bialik. Pic credit: The Kelly Clarkson Show/YouTube

Kelly Clarkson had Mayim Bialik on her talk show, and the two talked about the actress’ time as host of Jeopardy!.

When the two began discussing Jeopardy! fans slamming Mayim after her appearance on the show, Kelly defended her.

However, the way Kelly said it caused Jeopardy! fans to lash out at the talk show host, and they began to slam her.

Kelly Clarkson talks to Mayim Balik about Jeopardy!

Kelly Clarkson was talking to Mayim Bialik about her time on Jeopardy! and mentioned that fans of the show began to rip into her for something she said on the show.

After showing a clip of the incident, Kelly pointed out what fans were mad about.

“So wait, you recently called the first round ‘Single Jeopardy!’ instead of just Jeopardy! So how did people react to that?” Kelly said.

Mayim then explained what happened and how it wasn’t a mistake.

“I have clue boards that I review,” Mayim said. “And the first one does say ‘Single Jeopardy!’ and the second one says ‘Double Jeopardy,’ so I didn’t make something up that doesn’t exist.”

Basically, Mayim said what the round was listed as on the clue board.

“People lost their minds,” Mayim said. “So we usually call it the Jeopardy! round, and one time, we were going to commercial- and I just want you to know that I didn’t go rogue. I have a whole team watching me.”

She then mentioned that if the Jeopardy! team wanted it changed, they would have had her redo it since it is prerecorded.

“They would’ve stopped me, but they didn’t, so I continued. But this caused a whole viral Jeopardy! situation,” Mayim said.

Kelly seemed amused at the entire situation.

“Isn’t it crazy what people freak out about?” Kelly said. “There’s real issues. Why did you focus on that? But whatever.”

Jeopardy! fans rip into Kelly Clarkson

Jeopardy! fans were unhappy about Kelly Clarkson saying there are “real issues” to worry about that are more important than their favorite game show.

“it’s funny that Kelly starts admonishing people to focus on “more important issues” when most of her own talk show is fluff,” one fan wrote after the YouTube video.

Kelly Clarkson YouTube comments 1
Pic credit: The Kelly Clarkson Show/YouTube

“It doesn’t really make sense for a celebrity talk show host or game show host to assume some type of moral high ground with regard to important global issues,” another fan said. “That’s not the point of these shows.”

Kelly Clarkson YouTube comments 2
Pic credit: The Kelly Clarkson Show/YouTube

Kelly Clarkson might soon learn how passionate Jeopardy! fans can be with the show they love.

The Voice is on hiatus. The reality competition series will return to NBC in late 2022.

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1 year ago

Politics are a cancer. They never go away. But this blatant disregard for America’s favorite quiz show is unforgivable. THIS IS JEOPARDY NOT ELLEN! SHUT UP FOR 100,000,000,000,000,000 DOLLARS!

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