Jenelle Evans vs. Barb the biggest fights on Teen Mom 2

Jenelle Evans vs. Barb
Jenelle Evans vs. Barb as Teen Mom 2 looks back at the biggest fights

Teen Mom 2 takes a look back at some of the biggest fights between Jenelle Evans and her mom Barbara.

Barb and Jenelle have been at loggerheads for years over the custody of Jenelle son Jace.

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Often Barb has accused Jenelle of putting the men in her life before her son and of failing to sort out her life. She claims that it is only her that can really give Jace the stability that he needs to thrive.

TEEN MOM 2: Jenelle vs. Barbara

However, Barb is also prone to being critical of Jenelle when she does not sort out events and other things related to X, even when Barb as the primary carer should probably be doing them.

They’ve chatted, they’ve had counselling and they’ve been to court but Jenelle and Barb just always seem to end up butting head and shouting at each other.

Are they as bad as each other? Who do you have the most sympathy for?


Teen Mom 2 Jenelle vs. Barb airs at 9:00 PM on MTV2.

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