Jenelle finally tells Barbara and Jace she’s pregnant on Teen Mom 2

Jenelle reveals pregnancy on Teen Mom 2
Jenelle reveals pregnancy to her mom and son on Teen Mom 2

This week on Teen Mom 2, Jenelle finally tells mum Barbara and son Jace what Barb had already guessed last week – that she’s pregnant.

Jenelle has been coy about her pregnancy right from the start, even denying to one of the show’s producers that she was having another child. However, just about everybody guessed she was lying about it – we don’t see a future playing poker for Jenelle! Anyway, she has decided to announce the happy new officially and gathers Barbara and Jace for some food in order to break the happy news.

Meantime, Jo is continuing his policy of including Javi in Isaac’s life. This is despite the rather cold shoulder that Kailyn has been showing Javi since he got back from deployment. Jo has been big enough to see that his son has a deep relationship with Javi and he’s keen to let that continue, rather than selfishly hoarding Isaac’s affections.

Also on this week’s episode, it’s first grade for Aubree and Leah holidays in California with her daughters.

Catch Teen Mom 2 – Last to Know at 9PM on MTV.

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