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Jenelle Evans wishes ‘best son’ Jace a happy birthday, responds to Teen Mom critic about her absence

enelle Evans. 2017 MTV Video Music Awards held at The Forum
Jenelle Evans is under fire again. Pic credit: ©

Not a day goes by that Jenelle Evans isn’t criticized for her marriage, her parenting struggles, and pretty much everything else. So when the former Teen Mom 2 star posted a birthday tribute to her oldest son Jace, it’s not surprising that she was battered with “fans” taking jabs at the fallen reality star in the comments section.

The latest Jenelle Evans Instagram post was a collage of photos of Jace but only the most recent ones were of the birthday boy posing with Jenelle.

“10 YEARS OLD !” Jenelle wrote followed by a string of emojis. “#HappyBirthday to this very special boy! You’re the best son and best big brother anyone could ask for. You might be getting older but you’ll always be my #LittleMan  Here’s to another year of getting older!”

Now, it’s no secret that Jenelle’s mom Barbara has permanent custody of Jace since he was a baby and Jenelle has never been able to get him back full time despite mentioning last month that she was planning to do just that.

So when a commenter pointed out that none of Jace’s early pictures had Jenelle in them, she couldn’t help but respond.

“Didn’t have any baby pictures with him cause you weren’t around,” wrote Jenelle’s Instagram troll.

To which she responded, “Jace has his own baby book I made for his 1st year.. he has plenty of pics. Not to mention home videos.”

And while plenty of Teen Mom 2 fans chimed in to defend Jenelle Evans, it seems she missed the whole point. While there may be plenty of pics and home videos, what she was slammed for is the fact that she was not in them.

Right now, Jenelle Evans is on a mission to turn her image around and be viewed as a good mom after losing custody of her children for five weeks earlier this summer. In doing that, she has been very active on social media as she shares life with the kids on “the Land” and looks like the best mother possible.

Many of those who have been watching her over the years aren’t fooled, though, and seem to enjoy calling her out on it.

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