Jenelle Evans turns down MTV’s offer to return to Teen Mom franchise, has her own show in the works

Jenelle Evans formerly of Teen Mom 2
Jenelle won’t be returning to the Teen Mom franchise, despite the rumors. Pic credit: @j_evans1219/Instagram

Despite rumors floating around that Jenelle Evans was returning to the Teen Mom franchise, she has officially confirmed that she won’t be making a comeback.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter premieres next month, and a trailer for the inaugural season shows that Jenelle will be making a cameo appearance. Jenelle attended Briana DeJesus’ legal victory party in Orlando, Florida, this year and signed an agreement to allow MTV to film her.

This his sparked rumors that Jenelle would be returning to the franchise after being fired by MTV in 2019 when it was revealed that her husband David Eason killed their family’s French bulldog, Nugget.

However, Jenelle’s rep confirmed that she won’t be returning to the Teen Mom franchise because she couldn’t reach an agreement with the network.

Speaking with TMZ, Jenelle’s manager, August Keen, told the outlet that MTV was interested in signing Jenelle to an exclusive deal, but she turned it down, citing other career opportunities.

However, as Jenelle has mentioned an interest in before, her rep says that she’ll be moving onto a different network, claiming Jenelle “has a new dynamic series in development, keeping the concept under wraps for now,” adding that “the show is going to a major network.”

Jenelle Evans turns down MTV’s offer to return to Teen Mom franchise

After TMZ broke the news, Jenelle spoke with Celeb Magazine about her new career path. After 12 years with the franchise, Jenelle revealed, “I ALONE decided to decline the terms within the agreement to pursue and further other career choices.”

Jenelle added that she was thankful for MTV asking her to participate and wished the other moms “great vibes.”

“Based on the terms, it would have not aligned with my current opportunities,” she continued. “No hard feelings. I appreciate MTV and the producers for including me… nothing but great vibes to the girls.”

Jenelle says she’s looking forward to a fresh start, adding, “I’m excited for my future, new endeavors, and opportunities, pursuing my journey as a new version of myself. I feel as though I’m blossoming and transitioning into a better me.”

jenelle evans teased her IG followers about her upcoming project with another network
Pic credit: @j_evans1219/Instagram

Despite her often tumultuous storylines on the show and complaints about not controlling her narrative, Jenelle admitted, “I’ll miss my MTV crew and the people who were so nice to me during filming.”

Jenelle teases her fans about her upcoming ‘dynamic series’

Jenelle also took to her Instagram Stories earlier this week and teased her 3.1 million followers about her own show, telling them, “Can’t give details away but you will find out soon.”

Stay tuned as more information regarding Jenelle’s future “dynamic series” unfolds.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter premieres on Tuesday, September 6 at 8/7c on MTV.

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