Jenelle Evans ‘takes the prize’ for getting more hate than this celebrity

Jenelle snaps an IG selfie January 2023
Jenelle thinks she receives more hate than most others. Pic credit: @j_evans1219/Instagram

Plenty of celebrities and reality TV stars receive hate online, but Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans says she ranks first among them all.

Arguably one of the most controversial cast members, past or present, from the Teen Mom franchise, Jenelle has certainly found herself at the center of online hate on multiple occasions.

However, the 31-year-old former reality TV star made light of the subject in a recent TikTok video.

Jenelle shared a TikTok from singer/dancer/YouTube sensation JoJo Siwa on her own TikTok recently.

In JoJo’s video, she lightheartedly mocked the hate she receives by joyfully skipping into a room toward the camera.

When JoJo approached the camera, she crouched down with a huge smile as the song Mrs. Right by Mindless Behavior played.

Jenelle Evans says she’s more hated than JoJo Siwa

Text over JoJo’s video read, “‘I know someone who gets more hate than you…'”

Following the short clip, Jenelle appeared on camera, seated in her car. Clad in a sports bra and tortoiseshell glasses, Jenelle made a knowing gesture toward the camera before tilting her head and smiling.

“I take that prize ?,” Jenelle wrote over the video and captioned it, “Yeah pretty much ??.”

Jenelle’s followers think another Teen Mom alum earned the title of ‘most hated’

With more than 14,000 likes and hundreds of comments, Jenelle’s video received plenty of feedback. Most of her TikTok followers felt that another Teen Mom alum is more deserving of the most-hated title, however — Farrah Abraham.

“Nah Sis, that title belongs to Farrah,” wrote one of Jenelle’s fans, who said they never jumped on the “hate Jenelle train.”

Grouping Farrah with one of Jenelle’s ex-boyfriends, another commenter wrote, “Idk [Kieffer] and Farrah take the golden prize on this one?.”

jenelle evans' tiktok followers comment on her jojo siwa video
Pic credit: @jenellelevans/TikTok

“I think everyone hates Farrah more, idk who could hate you more than her honestly ?,” shared another TikToker, while another told Jenelle, “No ma’am Farrah does.”

Jenelle’s troubled past played out on Teen Mom 2

During her time on Teen Mom 2, Jenelle’s troubled teenage years played out on national television. The North Carolina native struggled with drug addiction, run-ins with the law, and abandoning her motherly duties after the birth of her firstborn son, Jace.

Jenelle and her mom, Barbara Evans, shared a tumultuous relationship that remains broken to this day. Barbara retains custody of Jace, while Jenelle has visitation rights every other weekend.

Last year, Jenelle spoke with E! News about the custody situation and was hopeful that she and Barbara could work things out without involving the legal system.

“If we end up going to trial, I’m going to ask for full [custody] completely,” said Jenelle, adding, “I get [Jace] every other weekend. If [Barbara] wants to compromise, I’ll switch roles and have him during the week, and she can have him every other weekend instead.”

Jenelle still lives in North Carolina with her husband, David Eason, and their daughter Ensley, as well as Jenelle’s son Kaiser, who she shares with her ex-fiance, Nathan Griffith.

Teen Mom Family Reunion is currently on hiatus.

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