Jenelle Evans slams TLC star Deavan Clegg as ‘dumb’ for threatening to sue her

Jenelle Evans and Deavan Clegg
Jenelle called out TLC star Deavan Clegg for threatening to sue her. Pic credit: ©

Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom 2 fame called out her former friend and TLC star, Deavan Clegg, for threatening to sue her but not following through.

Jenelle has a lot happening in her life at the moment since recently announcing that she has her own show in the works. This, on the heels of Jenelle turning down MTV’s offer for her to return to the Teen Mom franchise.

Jenelle was fired from Teen Mom 2 in 2019 and since then has struggled to secure work as a social media influencer as well as several other failed business ventures.

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One of those failed attempts was a podcast called GirlS**t, of which Jenelle was a co-producer alongside Deavan, a former 90 Day Fiance star, and several other female influencers.

The podcast never came to fruition and along the way, Jenelle and Deavan exchanged jabs, each accusing the other of bad behavior. First, Jenelle accused Deavan of stealing her Xanax, which she says she was prescribed for esophageal issues.

Deavan denied the claims and fired back, accusing Jenelle of driving while under the influence of alcohol and calling her a liar for alleging that she stole her medication.

Shortly afterwards, in June of 2021, Deavan threatened to sue Jenelle for “defamation and cyberstalking.” However, nothing ever came of Deavan’s threat and now Jenelle is speaking out about it.

Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans calls TLC star Deavan Clegg ‘dumb’ for threatening to sue her

During a recent Q&A in her Instagram Stories, Jenelle answered a question from a curious follower who asked about the situation with Deavan and a possible lawsuit.

“What happened with you [and] deavan?” they asked. “She was talking s**t about you lying to sue her…”

Jenelle explained, “[Deavan] is the dumba** that said she was suing me..and I’m still waiting ? don’t understand why she’s talking s**t out of no where again.”

jenelle evans calls deavan clegg a "dumba**" in IG Stories for threatening to sue her
Pic credit: @j_evans1219/Instagram

Reportedly, Jenelle was fired from GirlS**t, an accusation that she vehemently denied.

She went on a social media tirade last year, taking to Twitter where she wrote, “I’m a producer LOL can’t cancel me.” Jenelle continually claimed that she was a producer on GirlS**t and therefore couldn’t be canceled.

Deavan’s 3-year-old son Taeyang is battling cancer

For her part, it’s understandable why Deavan wouldn’t be following through with a lawsuit against Jenelle at this time.

Deavan’s 3-year-old son Taeyang is currently battling leukemia and will need to continue his treatment, including chemotherapy, for the next two years. On top of that, Deavan is expecting her third child with her boyfriend, Topher Park.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter premieres on Tuesday, September 6 at 8/7c on MTV.

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