Jenelle Evans shares video of herself hospitalized, shaking, and struggling to breathe

Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans shared video footage of herself in the hospital, struggling to breathe. Pic credit: Jenelle Eason/YouTube

Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans has been struggling with health issues for awhile now and recently shared video footage of herself struggling to breathe while at the hospital.

As Monsters & Critics previously reported, Jenelle recently announced that she finally received an official diagnosis of fibromyalgia for her myriad of symptoms.

However, her symptoms have continued and she shared that she might be suffering from an autoimmune disorder and possibly other ailments after a recent hospital stay.

After telling her Instagram followers in her Stories that she spent “all day” in the hospital, Jenelle took to TikTok to record a video of herself at home, then at the hospital, struggling with her symptoms.

Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans struggles to breathe in latest video

“I’ll give y’all more of an update soon ? if you see bruises on my arms… you know why #myastheniagravis,” Jenelle captioned the video, which was set to dramatic background music.

In the video, Jenelle started filming in her kitchen where she seemingly was struggling to breathe as she put her hair in a bun and wiped her eyes.

“Omg my chest hurts,” read the text across the screen as she held both hands over her face in exasperation. The text continued to tell of her recent experience.


I’ll give y’all more of an update soon ? if you see bruises on my arms… you know why #myastheniagravis

♬ State Lines – Novo Amor

“2 months ago: can’t breathe when waking up,” the caption continued before the video then panned to Jenelle in a bathtub with another caption.

Teen Mom 2 alum shares teary-eyed footage from hospital bed

“Tried to relax and rest since this began,” the text read before then panning to Jenelle sitting in a hospital bed, wearing a face mask.

“2 days ago: hospitalized for extreme chest pain and difficulty breathing,” the next caption read as Jenelle pulled down her hospital gown to expose plastic electrodes and cords on her chest to monitor her heart as she began to get teary-eyed.

In the next segment, Jenelle told her followers, “recently had 2 antibodies related to Myasthenia Gravis show up on blood tests, had 2 EKGs, they stuck me 4 times for blood, stuck me 2 more for IVs, chest x-ray, CT scan.”

Jenelle continued to film herself from her hospital bed, showing off the multiple bandages on her arms and hands where hospital staff drew her blood. In the next clip, Jenelle’s caption read, “My blood clotting test came back high but they said images looked ok.”

Showing the IV hooked up to her arm, Jenelle’s caption read, “Resting for now but following up with neurologist ASAP.”

Seemingly in an attempt to thwart her critics, Jenelle disabled comments on the post.

Later in her Instagram Stories, Jenelle complained of trolls leaving negative comments on her posts and threatened to delete her TikTok.

“Gotta love when I’m minding my own business and once again Tik Tokers sending their people to my profile flooding my comments with hate all day long,” Jenelle wrote.

Pic credit: @j_evans1219/Instagram

Jenelle added, “I’m so sick of the unnecessary stress I’m about to delete the @tiktok app.”

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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