Jenelle Evans headed for custody battle over Kaiser following CPS involvement in abuse claims

Jenelle Evans may be headed for another custody battle

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans looks to be headed for trouble again. There have been allegations about her husband David Eason’s treatment of her son Kaiser in the past, but now the claims have taken on a new twist.

Kaiser’s biological father is Nathan Griffith, who was engaged to Jenelle Evans for a brief time before the two split. She remained the constant in her son’s life while Griffith ducked out, getting himself arrested a few times.

Last week on Teen Mom 2, fans saw the sheriff show up to do a well check at Jenelle Evans’ home. She admitted this is a frequent occurrence. Evans believes it was trolls on Twitter or Nathan Griffith who called them, but the children were at school and daycare when the sheriff arrived. He left after being screamed at by David Eason.

According to Radar Online, Jenelle Evans called the police when Nathan Griffith and his mom, Doris Davidson, refused to return Kaiser to her. He spent the weekend with them because of the current visitation agreement. Back in September, Doris filed for custody of Kaiser alleging that David Eason is rough with the little boy.

There have been reports that CPS sided with Nathan Griffith and Doris Davidson and an emergency hearing for custody should be heard at some point in the very near future. There have been allegations that David Eason left bruises on Kaiser, but at this point Jenelle Evans is still defending her husband.

To combat the drama today, Jenelle Evans shared a photo on Instagram of Kaiser’s Father’s Day school activity. It was done with David in mind and is apparently supposed to show how much the little boy loves his stepfather — but also appears to slam Nathan Griffith in the process.

The situation looks like it is going to get messy and costly. Jenelle Evans is still not believed to have signed a contract for Season 9 of Teen Mom 2. At this point, David Eason seems to be the point of contention for many of her issues.

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