Jenelle Evans fires back at critics who questioned her health issues: ‘Just shut up’

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Jenelle fired back at her doubters. Pic credit: @Jenelle_Evans/YouTube

Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans has been open about her health issues and is tired of her naysayers.

Jenelle has faced a multitude of diagnoses in recent months, including fibromyalgia, a spot on one of her lungs, esophagus dysmotility, and a cyst on her spine that she says could potentially paralyze her.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, the former MTV star enjoyed a recent trip to Puerto Rico. Jenelle came under fire from a critic who doubted her medical issues while she vacationed with her family.

Jenelle addressed the backlash in a TikTok video. She included a screenshot of the comment from her critic, which read, “I thought she was really sick and was about to be paralyzed or something she looks like she’s walking around fine.”

Recording herself from her car, Jenelle told her 2.9 million TikTok followers with a laugh, “Y’all be exaggerating so much when I tell you s**t.”

“So, if you followed my health journey and listened to my other videos, you would know that I do have a cyst in my spine. And it’s getting longer, but if it gets any wider, I could go paralyzed.

Jenelle Evans addresses a critic who doubts her medical issues

“So, yeah, I can’t really do extra-curricular activities or too much. I have to be very, very careful.”

Jenelle continued her TikTok, telling her followers that she recently discovered she has a genetic disorder called MELAS, which stands for Mitochondria Encephalopathy, Lactic Acidosis, and stroke-like episodes.

Patients with the disorder experience symptoms such as “muscle weakness and pain, recurrent headaches, loss of appetite, vomiting, seizures, temporary muscle weakness on one side of the body (hemiparesis), altered consciousness, vision abnormalities, seizures, and severe headaches resembling migraines.”

Her recording ended with a succinct message for her haters, “If you don’t know the fine details about someone, just shut up.”

Jenelle has complained of a myriad of health issues since her time on Teen Mom 2

Since her time on reality TV, Jenelle has also complained of mysterious rashes, esophageal spasms, throat pain, double vision, and cracking in her neck, among other symptoms over the years.


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Jenelle came across her latest diagnosis, MELAS, via genetic testing, calling the news “shocking.” Jenelle told her followers she was referred to a genetic counselor and tried not to research too much about it because it’s “scary.”

“Right now, I’m focusing on family, staying healthy, and just spending the rest of my life being happy,” Jenelle said. “As happy and positive as possible.”

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