Jenelle Evans fires back at critic who says she tried to gain attention from Taylor Lewis’ passing

Jenelle on the red carpet in 2017
Jenelle came under fire for making a former friend’s death about herself. Pic credit: © Sadou/AdMedia

Jenelle Evans clapped back at a critic who accused her of using her former friend and Teen Mom 2 alum, Taylor Lewis’ death, to gain attention.

Taylor appeared on Teen Mom 2 as Jenelle’s friend and Jenelle’s ex, Courtland Roger’s baby mama.

Taylor, 29, was recently found deceased in a North Carolina hotel room.

Jenelle took to social media to share the news and pay respect to her former friend.

On Facebook, Jenelle shared a photo collage of herself and Taylor during happier times, writing, “Taylor what happened?!”

Jenelle noted that she and Taylor went their separate ways after hanging out with different crowds, but the news of her passing saddened her.

Jenelle Evans mourns loss of friend and Teen Mom 2 alum Taylor Lewis

The former MTV star added that she felt “awful” for not answering Taylor in March 2022 and that she “felt like she wasn’t doing her best.”

jenelle evans announces former friend taylor lewis' death on facebook
Pic credit: Jenelle Evans/Facebook

Jenelle then took to Twitter, where she again paid homage to Taylor, tweeting, “#RIP #SweetAngel.”

However, one of Jenelle’s critics felt that she was using Taylor’s death as clout, tweeting in reply to Jenelle that they were long-time friends of Taylor’s and we were supposed to get together last summer.

Critic accuses Jenelle of trying to ‘gain attention’ from Taylor’s death

“You were not her friend Jenelle, stop trying to gain attention from my friends passing,” Jenelle’s disparager wrote.

Jenelle fired back, tweeting, “We were ‘suppose’ to meet, go the f**k some where else ?”

jenelle evans tweets about her former friend taylor lewis' death
Pic credit: @PBandJenelley_1/Twitter

According to In Touch, Taylor’s body was found by a housekeeper in an Eden, North Carolina, hotel room on Thursday, January 5. Taylor’s sister, Haylee Lewis, told the outlet that Taylor’s cause of death remains unknown but that detectives are looking into a possible homicide as the cause.

Haylee told In Touch, “I’ve been speaking with detectives too, and they are saying they saw footage of two men with Taylor in the hotel room.”

Jenelle again took to Facebook over the weekend, calling out her critics for the same thing they accused her of.

“Please stop mentioning Teen Mom when talking about Taylor, that’s not what made her the person she was,” Jenelle penned. “Seems to me people are mentioning it for clout. Just stop.”

jenelle evans writes about taylor lewis' death on facebook
Pic credit: Jenelle Evans/Facebook

Jenelle’s history with her and Taylor’s ex Courtland Rogers

Jenelle recently teased a tell-all documentary regarding her and Taylor’s shared ex, Courtland Rogers. Jenelle and Courtland shared a short and tumultuous marriage from December 2012 until June 2014.

Last month, Jenelle told her Instagram followers that her relationship with Courtland was the most “traumatic and abusive” one she’d ever been in, calling her ex “literally psychotic.”

Although Jenelle and Taylor were both romantically involved with Courtland and Taylor had a child with him, Jenelle instead decided to have an abortion when she became pregnant with Courtland’s baby.

Courtland has a laundry list of criminal charges against him since his time with Jenelle, including felony larceny, felony possession of a schedule I drug, and most recently, felony assault by strangulation and felony kidnapping in the second degree, along with several other charges for allegedly attacking his wife, Lindsey Rogers.

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