Jenelle Evans’ ex Nathan Griffith explains how the MTV show made his life ‘difficult’

Teen Mom 2 alum Nathan Griffith reveals how being on the show negatively impacted his life
Nathan Griffith says being on Teen Mom 2 made his life difficult. Pic credit: MTV

Nathan Griffith is not happy with his portrayal on Teen Mom 2 and now he’s speaking out. Nathan is the ex-boyfriend of controversial MTV alum Jenelle Evans and they even share a son, Kaiser, together.

Throughout the course of their tumultuous relationship, Nathan was heavily featured alongside Jenelle. And even after their breakup, their toxic co-parenting relationship continued to play out on the show. However, in 2019, Jenelle was fired by the network and since then, we haven’t seen Nathan on our TV screens.

Now, he’s bashing the popular MTV series for making his life difficult, with claims they ruined his reputation.

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Nathan Griffith bashes Teen Mom 2

The former Teen Mom 2 cast member is speaking out against the show regarding his negative portrayal over the years.

Nathan opened up in a recent interview with The Sun and accused those running the show of not caring about the fathers and how they are portrayed.

“They want to show the struggles of these moms, but they don’t care about what they do to the fathers, or the siblings or anything really – as long as they can show what these moms are going through,” said Nathan.

The 33-year-old added, “How they wanted to portray me as a person isn’t who I really am, and it made my life so difficult because of it. I used to work out with cops, politicians, lawyers, but because of the media, I’ve lost a lot of friends and my reputation.”

Nathan Griffith lost deals because of the show?

The former Teen Mom 2 cast member also noted that before he met Jenelle, he managed to keep himself out of trouble.

“I lived in Myrtle Beach for seven or eight years and I was never in trouble once before I met Jenelle Evans,” noted Nathan — who made it clear he wasn’t blaming his ex for his past troubles.

“And it’s not because of Jenelle Evans, it’s because reality TV puts this stigma on these celebrities,” he added.

Nathan noted that being affiliated with the show affected both his personal and professional life due to the way he was portrayed. “Because I was this gym jockey, they had to make me look stupid,” confessed Nathan, who claimed to not only have lost friends but even some business deals as a result.

“I lost two modeling contracts, one with Jockey and one with 2(X)IST. They both came back to me and said that due to the ‘potential negative publicity’ we cannot move forward with your contract right now.” 

These days, things have improved with Nathan who revealed he’s now living in Florida and his relationship with Jenelle Evans is in a much better place.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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