Jenelle Evans’ ex Andrew Lewis begs to see their son Jace in tearful video interview

Jenelle Evans and Andrew Lewis on MTV
Andrew pleaded with Jenelle to let him see their son, Jace. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans’ ex-boyfriend, Andrew Lewis, is pleading with her to allow him to visit their son, Jace.

Andrew and Jenelle’s relationship may not have lasted long, but they’re forever connected since they share a son.

The duo dated from 2007 until 2009, the year Jace was born. Andrew left shortly after Jace’s birth and has been absent ever since.

Now, Andrew wants to be a part of 13-year-old Jace’s life again and has made a tearful plea in the form of a video.

Andrew spoke with The Sun recently and begged Jenelle to let him see their son for the first time in 10 years.

Andrew, who hasn’t seen Jace since he was just six months old, addressed both Janelle and her mother, Barbara Evans, who previously had custody of Jace until recently, as Monsters and Critics previously reported.

Andrew Lewis pleads with Teen Mom 2 alums Jenelle and Barbara Evans to allow him to see his son Jace

Andrew spoke directly to the camera, saying, “Jenelle, Barbara, whoever is listening right now, just let Jace see me. Let me see Jace. Let me talk to him. Gimme something. Gimme something… stop doing this.”

He continued, “This is no more MTV bulls**t; this is reality. Stop living on cloud nine and fall down to f***ing reality, okay? Cuz that’s where I’ve been. You have not.”

The 38-year-old told Jenelle he wasn’t trying to be rude to her and continued to plead with her to allow him to see his son. Andrew added that he’s not the only one who wants to see Jace, either — he said that his cousin, nephew, niece, and sister all want to see Jace too.

Andrew broke down into tears, placing his head in his hands, as his mom joined the conversation via phone. Andrew’s mom, Diana Lewis, noted that she also wants to be a part of Jace’s life.

Andrew and his mom claim Jenelle and Barbara lied about letting them see Jace

Jace’s father said that he was fed “nothing by lies” by both Jenelle and Barbara, mimicking their promises.

“Like, ‘Oh yeah, definitely Andrew, you can definitely see your son. Please keep in contact.’ F***ing liars. So, how can I feel?” Andrew continued.

Diana also claimed that she was lied to by Jenelle and Barbara. Diana told the outlet that Barbara had promised to send her photos and that she and Jace could talk on the phone.

However, Diana said that never happened. “I gave her my phone number and address, and, well, that was the end of that. I never heard from her,” she said.

Jenelle gave up custody of Jace in 2009, shortly after his birth, when she was 17 years old. Jenelle was focused on partying, while her mom, Barbara, was often stuck caring for Jace as an infant.

Jenelle also has two other children — she and her ex-fiance, Nathan Griffith, share their son, Kaiser, 8, and she and her husband, David Eason, share a daughter, Ensley, 6.

Amid his emotional plea, Andrew noted that, in the end, all that matters to him is Jace’s happiness.

“As long as my son is happy. That’s all I care about,” Andrew added. “That’s all that matters, period. If Jace is happy with Jenelle, that’s cool.”

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