Jenelle Evans doesn’t regret ‘tweet and delete’ after x-rated row with former friend

Jenelle, who had a fierce Twitter row with former friend Ryan Dolph, on Teen Mom 2

Jenelle Evans doesn’t regret deleting remarks she made during an x-rated Twitter row with a former friend — saying there was a “purpose” behind doing it.

The Teen Mom 2 star, famous for her “tweet and deletes”, added that she “knows” there are screenshots of the row she had with her ex-fiance Nathan Griffith’s BFF Ryan Dolph.

The argument saw her brand him and Nathan “peas in a pod”, alleging that Ryan was abusive. She also appeared to allude to previous rumors that he works as a drug dealer, saying: “Let’s not even get started what you do for a living…”.

Ryan angrily hit back, and the row turned ugly as he appeared to air her dirty laundry in public for all the world to see.

Nathan Griffiths and Ryan Dolph
Jenelle’s ex Nathan Griffith, left, and Ryan Dolph. Pic: Twitter/@DolphRyan

Referring to Kieffer Delp, who it has previously been claimed she cheated on Nathan with, he said: “You’re right on 1 thing though, Nate & I are 2 peas in a pod in one area, I would’t left your a** too after walking in on you f**king Keifer.”

He also hinted that he may know about more secrets than she would like. Speaking about pictures of Nathan’s “big” manhood being found on her phone by then fiance David Eason, which were talked about at the Teen Mom 2 reunion earlier this year, he said: “I covered your ass.”

Some fans criticized Jenelle for deleting her posts while Ryan left his up, suggesting she must have something to hide. But the Teen Mom 2 star, who married David last month, has now posted the defiant tweet below, saying she did it for a reason.

She said: “There’s a purpose behind tweeting and deleting. I know what I said… I know there are screenshots… ?.”

Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 8/7c on MTV.

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