Jenelle Evans claps back at claims she ‘always’ chooses men over her kids

Teen Mom 2 couple Jenelle Evans and David Eason Instagram selfie
Jenelle Evans shows love for David Eason. Pic credit: @j_evans1219/Instagram

If it’s two things we can count on in the Teen Mom universe, it’s that people will drag Jenelle Evans online, and she will clap back!

Jenelle did just that after someone accused her of “always” choosing men over her kids — a thought that many have expressed over the years.

As you should know by now, her husband, David Eason, has been in the media recently amid allegations that he “assaulted” her eldest son, Jace.

Things were starting to look suspicious after the 14-year-old ran away from their home at least three times within months.

Child Protective Services (CPS) eventually got involved and removed Jace from their household.

A police report revealed that the teenager told his grandmother and former guardian, Barbara Evans, that David assaulted him.

Jenelle has been speaking out and blaming everyone but her husband for the troubling allegations.

Jenelle Evans called out for ‘always’ choosing men over her kids

Teen Mom 2 fans are not shy about sharing their opinions on Jenelle as a parent, and let’s just say they’re not impressed with how she’s handling things.

The mom of three shared a snippet from a TikTok user who accused her of always choosing men over her kids after she gushed about David on Instagram.

Jenelle posted a video showing her in a car with David as she defended him again.

“Last time I checked David’s part of our family, and I’m not gonna choose one person or the other, why do I have to choose,” retorted Jenelle.

True to form — without mentioning Barbara’s name — she blamed her mom for the narrative about always choosing men over the kids.

“Who does that sound like?” questioned the 31-year-old, who noted that her mom has been saying that for years, “And y’all just run with it.”

Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans shows love for David Eason

Meanwhile, the post at the center of this latest controversy was posted on Jenelle’s Instagram a few days ago, and she could not have chosen a worse time.

The former MTV star posted a slew of professional black-and-white photos that showed her and David sharing a bit of PDA.

However, it was the caption that had people fuming, given the fact that David has been accused of assaulting her son.

“No matter where I go I’m loved by you, no matter where we are you always make me laugh, no matter where we are you know how to take away my anxiety,” wrote Jenelle.

“Let them say whatever about us because we will be just fine. I love youuu babeeeee 💋❤️,” added Jenelle.

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