Jenelle Evans claims MTV retracted her invite to Teen Mom spinoff when she asked to bring husband David Eason

Teen Mom 2 alums David Eason and Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans said her husband David Eason cost her an opportunity on the Teen Mom spinoff. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans claimed that when she asked to bring her husband, David Eason, with her to film for the Teen Mom spinoff, MTV retracted her invitation.

As previously reported by Monsters & Critics, cast members from three casts filmed the Teen Mom spinoff special, drawing from Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom 2, and Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant.

Among those asked to join the cast of the Teen Mom spinoff was Jenelle Evans.

In September, Jenelle said that MTV ghosted her after a month of no replies from them after they initially asked her to join the cast.

Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans claims MTV uninvited her to film spinoff because of David Eason

Now it makes sense why MTV dragged their feet because Jenelle has revealed that she asked them if she could bring along her husband, David Eason.

David was fired from MTV in 2018 after making homophobic statements on social media and MTV cut ties with Jenelle the following year after news leaked that David shot and killed their family dog.

Jenelle talked with The Sun about being rejected by MTV for the Teen Mom spinoff.

“I’m glad they made the decision for me because I would have probably been up for it,” Jenelle said of MTV uninviting her.

Jenelle, who recently defended Mackenzie McKee in the Teen Mom OG feud, told the outlet that her former Teen Mom 2 producers contacted her to ask her to be part of the Teen Mom spinoff cast.

However, Jenelle claimed MTV changed their tune after she asked to bring along David for emotional support.

“I said I want to bring David and he can stay down the street in a hotel,” Jenelle told The Sun. “I wanted to have someone there for support if s**t hit the fan.”

“They didn’t even tell me yes or no, they just ignored me,” Jenelle added about her contact with MTV.

Teen Mom spinoff filming brought the drama

Jenelle’s inclinations were right because things did hit the fan when several fights broke out during filming in the retreat-style house where the moms were staying.

According to Briana DeJesus’s mom Roxanne, Ashley Jones instigated a fight with Briana and blamed MTV for encouraging them to drink alcohol and argue.

Jenelle also spoke out about MTV providing alcohol and encouraging the cast to argue and said the network “set up” the show to incite altercations.

And another one of the cast members from the Teen Mom spinoff, Farrah Abraham’s mom Debra echoed Roxanne and Jenelle’s statements.

Debra claimed that MTV only hired her daughter Farrah to “bring the drama.” And bring the drama Farrah did – when the rest of the cast found out she was staying in the house with them, a physical altercation reportedly broke out.

Wherever Jenelle goes, it seems that drama follows, so most Teen Mom fans would have probably welcomed the chaos on the Teen Mom spinoff, given the ratings for Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 this season.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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