Jenelle Evans blames MTV and Teen Mom for ruining her friendships

Jenelle Evans attends a pre-Oscars party at Beso restaurant
Jenelle strikes a pose for a pre-Oscars event at Beso Restaurant. Pic credit: ©

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans put MTV on blast, blaming them for destroying her chances of having friendships with anyone.

Jenelle went on a Facebook tirade recently, seemingly taking aim at one of her closest former friends, Tori Rhyne.

In her since-deleted Facebook post, Jenelle complained about “fake” people and accused her critics of copying her life choices, like recently joining a gym.

After complaining a bit about people “spying” on her, Jenelle continued, “I don’t think I’ll ever have 1 true friend and I know people offer but Idk who to trust anymore.”

Jenelle added, “Teen Mom/MTV has f**ked up every type of friendship I want to have. Everyone’s usually a fan and only friends with me because I am a little more noticeable than others. Always feeling lonely AF.”

Fan page Teen Mom Shade Room shared the screenshots on their Instagram, where fellow Teen Mom viewers commented on Jenelle’s latest antics.

Critics react to Jenelle Evans saying MTV and Teen Mom 2 ruined all of her friendships

“Ahhh, i knew it would be mtv’s fault somehow. ?,” commented another Teen Mom fan account.

Another Teen Mom viewer wrote, “She says people only want to be her friend due to MTV, she does realize that’s why her husband married her???.”

teen mom fans and critics comment on jenelle evans' deleted facebook post
Pic credit: @teenmomshaderoom__/Instagram

“Jenelle is never the problem in her story,” penned one of Jenelle’s critics.

Another critic expressed that Jenelle is solely responsible for how her life turned out.

“The fact she keeps blaming mtv it’s been years mtv didn’t ruin her life she did it to her self,” they wrote.

Jenelle was a controversial cast member during her time on Teen Mom 2

Jenelle isn’t blind to the fact that she receives a lot of criticism. Last month, she poked fun at the notion in a TikTok. Jenelle shared JoJo Siwa’s TikTok, in which she mocked being shaded by her haters by happily skipping into the room.

Text over the video read, “I know someone who gets more hate than you…” Jenelle appeared at the end of the video, telling her followers, “I take that prize.”

Jenelle’s tenure on Teen Mom 2 was controversial. Viewers watched as she partied all night while leaving her firstborn child, Jace, home with her mom, Barbara Evans. Jenelle also dabbled in drugs and found herself in legal trouble on more than one occasion.

It was Jenelle’s husband, David Eason, that cost her a spot on the Teen Mom roster, however. In 2018, MTV first fired David after discovering that he posted homophobic tweets. Then, a year later, after David shot and killed their family dog, Nugget, MTV fired Jenelle.

Since then, Jenelle made a couple of surprise cameo appearances on the franchise. She joined her former co-star and friend, Briana DeJesus, for her lawsuit victory party in Florida, which was filmed for a Season 1 episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.

Then, Jenelle joined Briana, her sister Brittany DeJesus, and Jade Cline on an episode of Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In. Jenelle later accused Briana of bribing her to film an episode because it was “important” for her career.

These days, Jenelle has been teasing her own reality TV show. In August, she told her Instagram followers that it wouldn’t be long before they would find out what the show was all about.

This after her rep told TMZ that Jenelle was signing a deal with a “dynamic series” that was going to a “major” network. Jenelle hasn’t made any mention of the show since last summer.

Teen Mom Family Reunion is currently on hiatus.

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