Jenelle Evans asks people not to believe tweets about court case

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans wants fans to believe her over everyone else. Pic credit: MTV

Jenelle Evans got her children back late last week after CPS removed them from her home back in May. After weeks of fighting in court to regain custody of her kids, Jenelle proved to a judge that there were no abuse or neglect issues happening in the home.

However, this custody scandal hasn’t stopped people from talking about Jenelle and David Eason. It seems that Jenelle is hearing stories about her parenting skills and her marriage on a daily basis and she’s now asking people to stop believing stories.

In fact, she wants people to trust what she’s saying and nothing else. She also pointed out that she will share her story soon.

Most recently, Jenelle Evans slammed Ashley Lanhardt, who has reportedly been making comments about the alleged abuse in Jenelle’s home. Evans denies that anything has happened.

In addition, Evans continues to defend her decision to stay with David, revealing that her marriage is actually much better now after they were forced to work on their issues. David has completed anger management.

In fact, Evans has pledged that she’s ready to fight to get Jace back in her care. When he was less than a year old, she signed over rights to her mother so she could care for Jace. Not only did Jenelle not have any money or a job, but she also didn’t have health insurance to care for her son.

Her mother could offer healthcare, but now that Jace is much older, Evans feels that she’s ready to get full custody of Jace once again. However, her mother has been hesitant to sign over rights, as she doesn’t feel that Jenelle’s home is safe for Jace.

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