Jenelle Evans accuses Kailyn Lowry of sliding into David Eason’s DMs

Kailyn Lowry and David Eason red carpet
Kailyn and David pose for photographers on the red carpet. Pic credit: ©

It’s no secret that former Teen Mom 2 co-stars Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry aren’t exactly BFFs.

The MTV alums starred alongside each other during their time on Teen Mom 2 but were never close off camera.

It seemed as though the ladies had put their past beef behind them, but apparently, their feud has been reignited over a DM.

Jenelle took to Twitter to call out Kailyn, accusing her nemesis of reaching out to Jenelle’s husband and fellow Teen Mom 2 alum, David Eason.

In a series of tweets, Jenelle told her followers that Kailyn slid into David’s DMs, apparently to stir up some trouble.

The first tweet from Jenelle read, “Your random DM to my husband was so sweet. So happy to know you’re still thinking about us 🙃,” along with tagging Kailyn’s Twitter handle.

Jenelle Evans says her former Teen Mom 2 co-star Kailyn Lowry ‘started s**t’ with David Eason

In a subsequent tweet, Jenelle continued, “Like for real tho.. I was like ‘you’re f***ing kidding me’ and he infact was not kidding 😂☠.”

jenelle evans accused kailyn lowry of dm'ing her husband david eason
Jenelle went on a Twitter rant, calling out her former co-star Kailyn for sending a DM to David. Pic credit: @PBandJenelley_1/Twitter

Jenelle sent out one last tweet aimed at Kailyn, this time writing, “What wild hair did you get up your a** to say ‘ehhhh, imma start s**t with David today’ 🤨 some people will never grow up and it shows.”

The 31-year-old former reality TV star didn’t stop there — she headed to Facebook, where she shared the same message as her first tweet.

jenelle evans called out kailyn lowry on facebook for dm'ing david eason
Jenelle posted the same message on Facebook. Pic credit: @JenelleLEvans/Facebook

Jenelle then accused Kailyn of attention-seeking behavior

In the comments section of her Facebook post, Jenelle claimed that she was being “sarcastic,” adding, “She did message him but not being nice.”

jenelle evans told her facebook followers she was being sarcastic about calling out kailyn lowry
Jenelle claimed her posts were “sarcastic.” Pic credit: @JenelleLEvans/Facebook

In response to some of her fans’ comments, Jenelle further accused Kailyn of feeling “irrelevant” and “trying to get back in the news.”

jenelle evans responds to a facebook follower about kailyn lowry
Jenelle agreed with a fan who accused Kailyn of seeking attention. Pic credit: @JenelleLEvans/Facebook

So far, Kailyn hasn’t responded to Jenelle’s accusations.

jenelle evans responds to a facebook follower about kailyn lowry
Jenelle agreed with another fan who said Kailyn is attention-seeking. Pic credit: @JenelleLEvans/Facebook

Kailyn and Jenelle’s beef escalated in 2018 when Jenelle set fire to Kailyn’s peace offering

Kailyn and Jenelle’s falling out came to a head in 2018. Jenelle’s mom, Barbara Evans, threatened to “kill” Kailyn during an Instagram Live, setting the tone for a major online dispute.

When Kailyn sent Jenelle a peace offering in the form of her haircare products, Jenelle chose to set them on fire, as seen in the Instagram video below.

Jenelle called Kailyn “super jealous and envious” of her Teen Mom 2 castmates and called her a “mean a** person” and a “fake a** b***h.”

Kailyn tried to take the high road in 2022 and apologized to Jenelle for blaming her for leaking her pregnancy news. However, it looks as though Jenelle and Kailyn can’t seem to work through their long-standing issues.

But perhaps more importantly, we want to know what Kailyn’s DMs to David said! We may never find out unless a stealthy Teen Mom fan gets their hands on the online exchange and makes them public. In the meantime, we can only speculate what Kailyn had to say to David.

Season 2 of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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