Jen Shah admits to Andy Cohen that she doesn’t know how long her prison sentence will be if found guilty

Jen Shah
Jen Shah has no idea how much jail time she could get if convicted. Pic credit: Bravo

Jen Shah might be the self-proclaimed Queen Bee and MVP, but that doesn’t keep Andy Cohen from holding her feet to the fire.

In a sneak peek of the RHOSLC Season 2 reunion, Andy asks the hard questions of the Shah-mazing star of the hit franchise. Ratings have been on fire this season, and the reunion is keeping that drama up with explosive previews.

Viewers, and Andy, were shocked to find out what Jen doesn’t know about her own federal trial.

Jen Shah gets grilled by Andy in the Season 2 reunion

Fans were excited to see the release of the Season 2 reunion trailer on Friday. Both Jen Shah and Lisa Barlow were in defense mode as they addressed their various controversies throughout the season. Andy didn’t hesitate to bring up the ongoing criminal charges front and center.

“You’re being charged with fraud and money laundering,” Andy disclosed to the group. “And you’re innocent until proven guilty,” Jen fired back.

“You’re being charged with fraud and money laundering. There’s one charge that’s 30 years and one charge that’s 20 years, is that right?” Andy asked Jen during the preview. “I don’t know.” Jen answered, surprisingly unaware.

“You don’t know what the charge is?” Andy said, shocked at her response.

Next up was Sharrieff “Coach” Shah, whom Andy asked, “Did you ever question where the money came from?” Coach’s answer wasn’t shown, but his face showed confusion.

The trailer also shows the ladies questioning Jen, as she emotionally exclaims, “What it feels like on my end is, like, ‘Hey, Jen, we can treat you like s**t, because you need all the friends you can get right now.'” Heather Gay quickly answers her friend, “Well, you s**t on me and I still showed up for you!” 

Why is Jen Shah going on trial?

The Bravo universe was stunned when Jen was arrested and taken into police custody in March 2021 while filming a scene for the show. Jen and her personal assistant, Stuart Smith, were charged for their alleged involvement in a nationwide telemarketing scheme.

In April 2021, Jen pleaded not guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud in connection with telemarketing and one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering. Months later, Stuart changed his plea to guilty. Just last week, another of Jen’s co-defendants pleaded guilty, leaving her the last one standing.

Jen was accused of preying on elderly customers, allegedly selling services that those customers never received and peddling “lead lists” of consumers who were encouraged to sign up for questionable offers that would drain their bank accounts.

Jen’s trial begins March 22 in New York and she faces up to fifty years in prison if convicted.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on Bravo. The three-part reunion kicks off on Sunday, February 27.

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