Jen Saviano opens up about her birth plan and what changed during labor

Jen Saviano
Jen Saviano opens up about her labor and delivery. Pic credit: @jensav11/Instagram

Jen Saviano made her first appearance on The Bachelor during Season 20 of the show, with the leading man, Ben Higgins.

While Ben eliminated her, she did find love on Bachelor in Paradise with Nick Viall; however, the two split before the finale, much to the shock of fans.

Jen also went back for Season 6 of the show, but she left during Week 3. Thankfully for her, none of those worked out because she is now happily in love with her boyfriend, Landon Ricker, and the two have a new baby together.

Their son, Wilder Reed, came into this world just a few weeks ago, on April 6, 2022, and Jen has now come forward to talk about her labor and delivery and if it was what she had expected.

Jen Saviano discussed her labor and delivery with Bachelor Nation fans

During a recent Q&A with Bachelor Nation fans, Jen opened up about being a new mom and her experience with her labor and Wilder’s delivery.

Before going into labor, Jen had shared her birth plan online. When asked if everything went according to her original plan, Jen stated, “My birth plan didn’t go 100% according to plan considering I had to be induced, but everything else yes! I stayed firm on what I was comfortable/not comfortable with and the rest was pretty straightforward.”

Jen was six days overdue, plus her amniotic fluid was dropping, so that was the reason to induce her. Luckily, she discussed that her water broke naturally, so there was no need to get Pitocin.

Fans asked Jen if her birth plan was respected by the hospital, doctor, and nurses

When a fan asked Jen whether or not the team of doctors and nurses respected her birth plan, she replied yes, and that all her nurses were really sweet and asked her to talk through her plan with them.

Jen did say, “I did have to push back on one thing that I felt strong about. They love to throw out the term ‘policy’ at the hospital. It would make anyone feel pressured or [intimidated], especially if you don’t know your rights ahead of time.”

Luckily for Jen, though, her doctor came in at the right time and was on her side, so she didn’t have to follow through with something she was uncomfortable with.

Jen also wanted all women to know that it’s your body, labor, delivery, and baby, so if you don’t feel okay with something, then advocate for yourself and your baby.

She did say that she opted in for an epidural because her contractions were so intense. While she tried to push through and not get one, she was glad that she ultimately chose to have one.

Jen told fans that she only had to push for about 45 minutes before Wilder was born and joined her and Landon and made them first-time parents. Bachelor Nation fans are so happy for Jen and Landon and hope they are settling in nicely as a new family of three.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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