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Jay Smith reveals he is ’70 percent’ happy with his life after Ashley Martson split

Jay Smith
Jay Smith has been keeping fans updated after getting out of jail. Pic credit: @jay_smith_ja/Instagram

Jay Smith has been keeping busy ever since his release from Ice detention earlier this month. He’s back to tattooing, still living in the U.S. and he’s even got a new girlfriend.

But when asked if he’s happy during a recent Q&A shared to his Instagram stories, Jay admitted that he’s not entirely happy yet.

Instead, Jay told his followers that he is just 70 percent happy when asked recently. The answer was reminiscent of Azan Tefou’s response when asked about his attraction to Nicole (55 percent for those who may not remember).

In answering other questions, Jay shared he is still apprenticing at Ego Ink and that he has plans to travel to more of the country. He didn’t talk about his current status in the U.S., though, and it’s unclear if he’s still going to get deported back to Jamaica.

Jay Smith Instagram Q&A
Jay Smith isn’t totally happy now that he’s out of jail and back to tattooing. Pic credit: @jay_smith_jay/Instagram

When another fan asked Jay, “How are you doing really?” he responded by saying that he “can’t say.”

It’s not clear if he is now allowed to say or if there’s something he wants to talk about and can’t. Or maybe he doesn’t know.

Don’t forget that Ashley Martson has a protection from abuse order against him that prohibits Jay Smith from mentioning her on social media or coming anywhere near her.

So if he wanted to say something about that situation, he really can’t, or he’ll be facing more time behind bars.

However, based on some of the photos that Kayla, the woman who posted Jay’s GoFundMe has been sharing, it looks like he hasn’t been too worried about Ashley. He’s been spending his time with Kayla instead.

Kayla is the same “stripper girlfriend” that Ashley ranted about and who she claimed might be pregnant with Jay’s child. It turns out she’s not pregnant though, and she’s not a stripper either. She’s a bottle girl.

So what is it going to take for Jay Smith to be 100 percent happy?

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