Jay Smith hints at his single status to 90 Day Fiance fans, says ‘these females ain’t it’

Jay Smith
Jay Smith talked to 90 Day Fiance fans about his single status and how he felt about women. Pic credit: TLC

It looks like former 90 Day Fiance alum Jay Smith is single based off of his recent social media activity. Jay had been in a long-term relationship with a blonde named Kayla.

Jay hinted at the breakup and his single status through his Instagram stories where he let 90 Day Fiance fans respond to his message that, “these females ain’t it,” in a Q&A style.

Jay did not go into detail about what led to his breakup with Kayla but did give off the impression that he was sour with women.

90 Day Fiance viewers watched Jay and his now-ex-wife Ashley Martson on Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance followed by Season 4 of Happily Ever After?.

Jay’s cheating and bad behavior were highlighted during his time on the show. He and Ashley broke up and got back together more than three times, with Ashley filing for divorce and then pulling it twice during their marriage before officially going their separate ways.

Jay Smith pointed to his single status and said ‘these females ain’t it’

Reports of Jay being in a relationship with Kayla, @kkaylaann, surfaced in 2019 with Ashley going on The Domenick Nati Show to label Kayla as Jay’s “stripper girlfriend.”

Since then, tattoo artist Jay gave Kayla a massive hand tattoo among others he blasted on her.

Now it looks like Jay is no longer with Kayla and feeling salty about women.

He used the Instagram Q&A format to say, “Hope I come across that unbreakable some day but these females ain’t it.”

Jay followed that up with the disclaimer, “For everyone asking about my relationship status.”

Jay shared a 90 Day viewer’s response to him that said, “That’s because you in [Pennsylvania] (laughing/crying emoji) kidding. Gotta let her find you when you least expect it.”

To which Jay replied, “That actually sounds about right tho.”

Another fan advised, “Maybe you gotta try a different flavor of female.”

Jay’s reaction was, “I know right.”

Jay Smith's Instagram stories
Jay opened up to 90 Day Fiance fans about his relationship status. Pic credit: @jay_smith_ja/Instagram

Ashley Martson has moved on from Jay Smith with a new man

After her prolonged divorce from Jay, Ashley finally stepped out with a new man in November 2021 and appears to still be in a relationship.

Aside from moving on with her love life, the mother of two has opened her own hair salon and frequently uses her Instagram to flaunt her business’ success.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays on TLC at 8/7c and Discovery+.

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